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ha soo, in better in Englais I don't think I've played since before breeding was even implemented.  I think I might start playing again soon. I've still been competing on my handheld mainly playing AROS.  One problem I'm having tho is remembering the credentials to my old account. All I remember for sure was the ingame character name, is there anyway I might be able to find help for this? 


Stay high PokeFam B)

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I believe you need to know the email you used for the account or you're basically shit out of luck.




Some old accounts were deleted, your account might be one of them. (You can find all the info in a changelog that i'm too lazy to search for)

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Well I tried putting in all the emails I could think of and none of them received an email back, which I find hard to believe my 2 main junkers weren't for any of the accounts I made. Anyways, I managed to get into the account under the same name as the character I played on, but there were no chars.  I assume the original Gandledorf was deleted  :huh: i know i had dem shiiiines.


I did get into an account that I bought some fashion on too, so I suppose I'll roll from there.

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