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[Poem] [Comedy] Pokemon Move Rap

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I'm Cuttin' yo' Air, CRITICAL HIT!

Make it Double, no Pain Split, no quit!

Think you can Bite? Not even a nibble

I'd Sketch ya, but I don't waste on no scribble

Ya'd try me, Howlin' that hyena's might

Think I need Low Kicks to Take ya Down?

HMM! Lemme try my Future Sight:

"May Mimic some Heavy Slam; still just a clown."

That Skulkraken makin' a Splash! No effect


Ya do yer Intimidatin', I do the Rest

Cuz nothin' you can do will ever Reflect

You a step on my quest to be the very best.


Current count: 15 moves (1 Ability)

In progress, open to suggestions.


(...I don't rly rap very good.

It's just 4:30 AM and I might find this dumb tomorrow. Good night.)

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