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Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items / WTB RPs & Bad Dittos]


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13 hours ago, Centy said:

How much for each of these items individually? 


Orange Flaming Skull Mask 13m

Blue Flaming Skull Mask 10m

Scythe 4.5m

Ghost Costume 6m


Wondering cause I probably will buy one. 

That's the current market rate at the moment I believe, not sure since its always fluctuating.
I would be more interested in trading them off for some other Vanity Item I like... Personally won't go for a Pure pokeyen deal at the moment.

If you were looking for a pokeyen trade; You will find many players who sell em for pokeyen, all the best :)

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12 hours ago, PAMontezuma said:

Ghost costumme , knight helmet and electric storm prices ?

There's no price tag really... offer if you want though..

There's a Knight Helm on GTL for 18m right now btw if you're lookin for a Pokeyen purchase.

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100 Tickets.

Price per ticket = 100k

Lottery will begin and winner will be selected when all tickets are sold.


Senior Game Master @Bearminator is holding the Kyu Hat, and will be drawing a random number selecting the winner.


IGN: Akshit

Mail me the money in-game or if I'm online, we can trade too. 

In case two people select the same number, the person who made post reserving it 1st gets it. (No payment within 24 hours = that number will not be reserved)

All the best.


Ticket roster:


Please refer to the 1st page for this

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33 minutes ago, DoubleJ said:


Ah you were a few minutes late, skyjuju (Hubbijul) already sent a mail in-game with payment and got that number.

Ticket roster updated, please select a new number.

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:

Reserve me any number. I won't be able to log and pay until Sunday morn, but I'll have 100k for ya. 

Aight no worries, reserved. You can even choose numbers right now if you want, I will reserve it for you till Monday.


13 minutes ago, Gandalfleblannc said:

ticket 57 thanks

money send in mp 

Good luck all

Got the mail, 57 is yours, all the best ^^

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