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When did you start comp?

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Approximately, how much time do I need to get into it? How should I start? I'm finishing Hoenn right now and I want to start comp playing.


If you're playing pokemon showdown it doesn't take a lot of time to get a basic feel for it. Learning through showdown can be nice because that way you don't have to spend a lot of time and money building teams that fail in tournaments. While the pokemon might be different there, the strategic element of the game is largely the same. Nonetheless, learning how to adapt to new metagames is a great skill for any player. MMO can take 3-6 months to get past the noob stage depending on how good your psychic powers are to start with and how much time you have to commit to getting comps.


You should start by reading through competition alley. In particular, look at the Usage Stats and Viability Rankings to get a feel for what is worth training - generally people use better pokemon more and shitty pokemon less. Additionally, pokemon that are ranked as highly viable in their metagame are good investments because, even if they're not highly used, they perform their role effectively and the community generally agrees to that. That advice goes for both showdown and MMO.

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What means a lot? 100 hours?


i learnt comp from scratch here on Pokemmo, im at 1.6k hours ingame and im finally starting to get a hang of the comps scene. Ive been doing it all wrong tho, and spending most of the time doing non-comp stuff. start by play showdown and learn the basics of pokemon and how to teambuild. basicly what Robo said.


Why? Toxic community, waste of time, neurological brain injuries?


dont worry Vael just need his portion of attention for the day. 

it takes alot of time tho. if its worth it, is up to you

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What means a lot? 100 hours?
Why? Toxic community, waste of time, neurological brain injuries?

It takes a lot of time to learn everything: typing effectiveness, base speeds (and roughly the rest of the other base stats of pokemons), abilities, different strategies, kind of teambuilding, working def or offensive cores, getting a good ideas of how synergy works in a comp team, and at the same time keep up with pokemmo's metagame which is constantly evolving.

But the longest part of the learning curve is to learn to have a rough idea of damages.

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