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The Hall of Fame Thread

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Team Tournament 

Current Champions:

[Pâst] ShadowOfThePast 



April ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place [Pâst] ShadowOfThePast 2nd Place [RØSE] GuardiansoftRose

March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [NORE] NoRematch 2nd Place [LAVA] läva

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RMW] Red Mark Warrior - 2nd Place [RØSE] GuardianoftRose

January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Live] Little Veterans - 2nd Place [LËM] SimplyLëmonade




Champions of 2019: [NORE] NoRematch

Cup of the Year Winners: [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax


 Cup of the Year~Bracket  ~ 1st Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios


December ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [HDLM] SonsOfTheDeath - 2nd Place [HAX] Haxonites

November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [RmW] RedMarkWarrior
October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [NORE] NoRematch - 2nd Place [SLP] Sleepwalkers

September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [NORE] NoRematch - 2nd Place [BR] Brasil

August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [HDLM] SonsOfTheDeath - 2nd Place [HAX] Haxonites

July ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [MéGâ] OMéGâ - 2nd Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax

June ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [NORE] NoRematch - 2nd Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra

May ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [NORE] NoRematch - 2nd Place [RË] AogoriRE

April ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra

March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [YB] Yggbrazil - 2nd Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax

January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LØRÐ] The Lords of the Hax - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios





December~ Bracket ~1st Place [ÄURA] PokemonAura - 2nd Place [Läva] Läva
November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [OCP] OnlyCompPlayers

October~ Bracket ~1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [OCP] OnlyCompPlayers
September~ Bracket ~1st Place [ÄURA] PokemonAura - 2nd Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra

August ~ Bracket ~1st Place [ÄURA] PokemonAura - 2nd Place [WISH] TeamWishHax

July ~Bracket~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors  - 2nd Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra
June ~Bracket~ 1st Place [RISÉ] TheUprising - 2nd Place [xGDx] GodOfDeath

May ~Bracket~ 1st Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra - 2nd Place [LØRÐ] TheLordsoftheHax 
April ~Bracket~ 1st Place [RAGE] Outragecrew - 2nd Place [WinÐ] DustInTheWinD
March ~Bracket~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [PWBR] PowerfulBrasil

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [NØRE] GGNoRematch

January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RISÉ] TheUprising - 2nd Place [NØRE] GGNoRematch



December ~Bracket ~1st Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra - 2nd Place [SaKé] LaughingCoffin

November ~Bracket ~1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [RISÉ] TheUprising
October ~Bracket ~1st Place [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra - 2nd Place [NôwN] UnKnoowNs

September ~ Bracket~1st Place [ÄURA] PokemonAura - 2nd Place [VVVV] VeniVidiVici

August ~ Bracket ~1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [Eggs] SimplyBred

JulyBracket ~1st Place [NØRE] No Rematch - 2nd Place [Live] Little Veterans

JuneBracket ~1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [RISÉ] TheUprising

MayBracket ~1st Place [RISÉ] TheUprising - 2nd Place [NØRE] No Rematch

AprilBracket ~1st Place [ÄURA] PokemonAura - 2nd Place [HURO] HYRULESxHEROES

MarchBracket ~1st Place [ÄURA] PokemonAura - 2nd Place [RmW] RedMarkWarrior
February ~ Bracket ~1st Place [RISÉ] TheUprising - 2nd Place [VVVV] VeniVidiVici

January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LØRÐ] TheLordsoftheHax - 2nd Place [VVVV] VeniVidiVici



December ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [SaKé] LaughingCoffin - 2nd Place [HPX] HuntersProExtreme

November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [SaKé] LaughingCoffin - 2nd Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura

October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [RISÉ] The Uprising

August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [SaKé] SaKé - 2nd Place [SÄSS] SecretAgents 

July ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RNG] RandomNoobGamers - 2nd Place [ØNIX] ØNIX 

June ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RNG] RandomNoobGamers - 2nd Place [AvÉ] AventError

May ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura

April ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RNG] RandomNoobGamers - 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [MDVN] MastersxDivision - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura 

JanuaryBracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [VØLT] ViveLaVideLoka




DecemberBracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] King Cheerios - 2nd Place [VØLT] ViveLaVideLoka

November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] King Cheerios - 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [LAQ] Latin Squad

August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [YÓLO] Reckless Drivers - 2nd Place [PkéL] PokéLogic

July Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [CiX] Cloud Nine

June Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [DK] Legendary Dragons

May ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [CiX] Cloud Nine - 2nd Place [Virs] Phaandemia

April ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RNG] RandomNoobGamers - 2nd Place [COPE] Cope

March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AvÉ] AventError - 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios

January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [CiX] Cloud Nine - 2nd Place [YOLO] Reckless Drivers



December Bracket 1st Place [AW] AsgardWarriors - 2nd Place [PkéM] PokéManiacs

November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [RZKK] Renzokuken - 2nd Place [sDOz] shaDowOz

October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] AsgardWarriors - 2nd Place [PoAu] PokemonAura

September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] AsgardWarriors - 2nd Place [PoAu] PokemonAura

August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [CiX] Cloud IX

July ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios

June ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios

May ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios

April ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [PoAu] Pokemon Aura ~ 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios ~ 2nd Place [BAIL] BAIL

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios



December ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [DD] DarkDragons - 2nd Place [BONG] Gambo

November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [PWBR] PowerfulBrazil

September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

JulyBracket~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [EV] Evolution

JuneBracket~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [MISC] Aesthetics Crew

AprilBracket~ 1st Place [CB] CompuBoys - 2nd Place [FYS] Fuck Yeah Seaking

MarchBracket~ 1st Place [Etui] Sayounara - 2nd Place [TWL] Team Wailord

FebruaryBracket~ 1st Place [DD] DarkDragons - 2nd Place [Race] Heroes
JanuaryBracket~ 1st Place [CB] CompuBoys - 2nd Place [FYS] Fuck Yeah Seaking

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Seasonal Tournament Series


The Conqueror of the Forgotten Realm Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: NikMustang 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: Haazuu

3rd Place: Titinn

Thread ~ Bracket


The Conqueror of the Forgotten Realm Qualifiers:

Qualifier #1 ~ 1st Place EVLGOON - 2nd Place Titinn

Qualifier #2 ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place gbwead

Qualifier #3 ~ 1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place Chaos

Qualifier #4 ~ 1st Place MiraiZura - 2nd Place NikMustang

Qualifier #5 ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Goldeneyes

Qualifier #6 ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place getovaherez

Qualifier #7 ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place yosoyarca

Qualifier #8 ~ 1st Place Souu - 2nd Place Haazuu



The Conqueror of the Forgotten Realm Reserves Tournament




Mewtwo's Elite Championship Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: SejuaniSupport

3rd Place: Titinn

Thread ~ Bracket


Mewtwo's Elite Championship Qualifiers:

Qualifier #1 ~ 1st Place Geniculata - 2nd Place Enchanteur

Qualifier #2 ~ 1st Place Mlhawk - 2nd Place Zbleeex

Qualifier #3 ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place ainhoajL

Qualifier #4 ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place ZhikoDark

Qualifier #5 ~ 1st Place MaatthewMLG - 2nd Place LeviaTaNzft

Qualifier #6 ~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place EpicVerde

Qualifier #7 ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place ZDFire

Qualifier #8 ~ 1st Place valanar - 2nd Place Aleso



~ 2017 ~

The Legend of the Steel Bird Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: stairway 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: ZDFire

3rd Place: BlueBreath

Thread ~ Bracket


The Legend of the Steel Bird Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place belieberboy - 2nd Place MurcielagoSV

Qualifier #7 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place XxxDragonDarkxxX

Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place stairway

Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LucasCisneros - 2nd Place CarlosBreak

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Wiriketchup - 2nd Place Yaritan

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place enchanteur

Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place BurntZebra

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place yosoyarca


~ 2016 ~

PokeMMO Autumn Showdown Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: Frags 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: gbwead

3rd Place: Gazelli

Thread ~ Bracket


PokeMMO Autumn Showdown Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DiDidIStutter - 2nd Place Frags

Qualifier #7 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Deadwind - 2nd Place flavawhat

Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Artemiseta - 2nd Place ZDFire

Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place yangsam

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place gbwead

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lifestyle - 2nd Place Miguelez

Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gazelli - 2nd Place Torinnnnn

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place YettoDie


PokeMMO Summer Ball Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: Arimanius 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png


3rd Place: SejuaniSupport

Thread ~ Bracket


PokeMMO Summer Ball Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8Bracket ~ 1st Place Guerinf- 2nd Place Schuchty

Qualifier #7Bracket ~ 1st Place Giantpipe - 2nd Place OrangeManiac

Qualifier #6Bracket ~ 1st Place Arimanius - 2nd Place Bluebreath

Qualifier #5Bracket ~ 1st Place Gbwead - 2nd Place BlackJovi

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place PredaKiller - 2nd Place DestructX

Qualifier #3Bracket ~ 1st Place Axoa - 2nd Place EnrriqueX

Qualifier #2Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place SejuaniSupport

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gazelli - 2nd Place Forfiter


PokeMMO Spring Fever Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: Frags 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: DoctorPBJ

3rd Place: DoubleJ

Thread ~ Bracket


PokeMMO Spring Fever Series Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JSTUD - 2nd Place Giantpipe

Qualifier #7 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place xSparkie

Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place CaptainGrey

Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place imabetheverybest

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Raaidn - 2nd Place NikhilR

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place FABBROoo - 2nd Place azzazz

Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JIce - 2nd Place Rendiz

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place Frags


PokeMMO Winter Showdown Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: DoubleJ 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: Gbwead

3rd Place: ZDFire

Thread ~ Bracket


PokeMMO Winter Showdown Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Kriliin

Qualifer #7 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place DoubleJ

Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DestructX - 2nd Place LuisPocho

Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket1st Place Walpayer - 2nd Place Legendl

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd Place Raaidn

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place Zeikooo

Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place Panchoclos

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Pinkwings - 2nd Place BurntZebra


~ 2015 ~


PokeMMO Autumn League:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png Champion: Frags 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

Runner Up: LightLeaks

Thread ~ Rankings ~ Finals Bracket


PokeMMO Summer Ball Finale:

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: DoubleJ 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: NikhilR

3rd Place: Frags

Thread ~ Bracket


PokeMMO Summer Ball Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OldKeith - 2nd Place Lazaaro

Qualifier #7 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LightLeaks - 2nd Place Yangsam

Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place NikhilR- 2nd Place Schuchty

Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DaRkCeGn - 2nd Place BurntZebra

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DestructX - 2nd Place Arimanius

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place overToasted

Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JuniorColque - 2nd Place DoubleJ

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place FABBROoo - 2nd Place Raaidn


PokeMMO Spring Championship Finale

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st Place: Aringo 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd Place: KingBowser

3rd Place: Haazuu

Thread ~ Bracket


PokeMMO Spring Championship Qualifiers:

Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place JeferBuck

Qualifier #7 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lightleaks - 2nd Place BurntZebra

Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place BurntZebra

Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KingBowser - 2nd Place FABBROoo

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Legendl - 2nd Place KingBowser

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SpartacusGD - 2nd Place Aringo

Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Haazuu - 2nd Place JSTUD

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket 1st Place Haazuu - 2nd Place IRoyxD

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Player of the Year 2019

491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png 1st place - gbwead 491b2c92eb1d3083bb3ef7f629bd3d62.png

2nd place - enchanteur

3rd place - Stelian

Bracket ~ Ranking


Player of the Month 2019


1st Lkrenz - 2nd getovaherez (Brackets)


1st Zhiko - 2nd getovaherez (Brackets) 


1st Stelian - 2nd enchanteur (Brackets) 


1st Frags - 2nd gbwead (Brackets) 


1st Haazuu - 2nd LifeStyle (Brackets) 

1st Blue - 2nd OrangeManiac (Brackets) 


1st Tawla - 2nd Rynners (Brackets) 


1st NoWall - 2nd Mkns (Brackets) 


1st MullenYu - 2nd RealDevilLegend (Brackets) 


1st OscarFail - 2nd YEYOx(Brackets) 



1st dinofish - 2nd Santiii (Brackets) 



1st YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Pirlo (Brackets) 

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Cyber Delusional Syndrome ~ Bracket 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place Kanzo [PVP]

The New Dojo Master ~ Bracket 1st Place reliefgouai - 2nd Place Bambacana [PVP]

A Night In The Lostlorn Forest ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place InuYashal [PVP]

The Guardian's Memory ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Place zAnderson [PVP]

Little Bridge Eater ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place KiiritoX [PVP]

The Metal Drill ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Kanzo - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix  [PVP]

Expedition To Onix Island ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Busso - 2nd Place SweeTforU [PVP]

A Breath of Destruction ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Yuanlianggreen - 2nd Place Brianattackpro [PVP]

Surviving Through Ages ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place UmbraMol - 2nd Place aldahirramirez [PVP]

Cyber Scarlet Faith ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place whitelbw - 2nd Place heichicoda [PVP]

The Mysterious Creature ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place magikkk [PVP]

Rulers Of The Skies ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ChushouRicardo - 2nd Place Jonahzorro [PVP]

Look Into My Eyes ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place PoseidonWrath [PVP]

Will UU go to prom with me? nOU #6 ~ Bracket ~ Winners [PVP]

A Blessing From The Sky ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place XondeX - 2nd Place mspinguino [PVP]

Dragon's Den ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place VHisc - 2nd Place BartekDolar [PVP]

Cyber Bicolored Doll ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd Place xiaoyenanoha [PVP]

They Came To See Me Splash ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place iJulianFNT [PVP]

The Smoking Machine ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place xLuneth [PVP]

Dream Eater ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place getovaherez [PVP]

Fighting Showdown ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Place MullenYu [PVP]

The Return Of The Mummy ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place SweeTforU [PVP]

Monochrome Palette DE Shinzou Bousou Wo ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Noahimesaka - 2nd Place Bfu [PVP]

An Eelektrifying Battle ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MamoswineZ - 2nd Place Akuaayiyahei [PVP]



Cyber Doge GG ~ 1st Place Vezos - 2nd Place YTHermeskii [Game]

A Friendly Dragon ~ 1st Place cjmystogan - 2nd Place ShineeMt [Game]

Project Eevee #3 ~ 1st Place StevenD - 2nd Place vilitesweet [Game]

The Strongest Of All ~ 1st Place PlatinumTwo - 2nd Place khillocko [Game]

The Cutest Fish ~ 1st Place Bzuuggoo - 2nd Place Peitic [Game]

Cyber Trick Cat ~ 1st Place Chronicles - 2nd Place WendyG [Game]

The Underwater Adventure ~ 1st Place ErGastolo - 2nd Place RedTJ [Game]

Beldum Galore! ~ 1st Place sengozan - 2nd Place RexB [Game]

Let's do awoo! ~ 1st Place alexandroh - 2nd Place Risenbeltd [Game]

Hidden Mystery ~ 1st Place Arolama - 2nd Place zhaloveRem [Game]

The Mermaid Horse ~ 1st Place ansonomg - 2nd Place AIrfeng [Game]

Synchronize ~ 1st Place NightniangO - 2nd Place FFFleader [Game]

Cyber Guilty Datura ~ 1st Place SirJenselot - 2nd Place GaoshanGS [Game]

Between Beaks and Stings ~ 1st Place BaalSlayer - 2nd Place MatsVictor [Game]

1-Up Party ~ 1st Place Evionne - 2nd Place Kubljad [Game]

My Little Pony ~ 1st Place youtuberspielt - 2nd Place Wiriketchup [Game]





Here To Stay? ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place caosl - 2nd Place MullenYu [PVP]

Psychic Blades ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place XondeX - 2nd Place Samehada [PVP]

Whirlpools ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Place Intimidoar [PVP]

Winged Evil ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place yugaopeng - 2nd Place MamoswineZ [PVP]

From Shadows To Light ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Zigh - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

The Bravest Bird ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place yugaopeng - 2nd Place zhaOYugod [PVP]

The Haunted Town ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

Hell's Guardian ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla - 2nd Place Santiii [PVP]

Let's Take It For a Spin ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place XEDHG - 2nd Place loveyun [PVP]

The King's Joust ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Santiii - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

The Forbidden Island ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Yuanlianggreen - 2nd Place Mikoshi [PVP]

Hit & Sleep ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place wyqnibaba - 2nd Place JasonSparrowX [PVP]

The Mind and The Body ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place Mlhawk [PVP]

The root of all Weavile ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place UmbraMol [PVP]

Seven Up Eight Down Bracket ~ 1st Place sgerard - 2nd wrathen [PVP]

We Are The Night ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place  MullenYu - 2nd jianshanglaoge [PVP]

The Charming Hermit ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd mamoswineZ [PVP]

Jack Of All Appliances ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ILyam - 2nd Place Brianattackpro [PVP]




Surfing Through The Currents ~ 1st Place Kole - 2nd Place SercaK [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon #Water ~ 1st Place Platinvm - 2nd Place MrDarkSide [Game]

Blue Gang! ´3` Edition ~ 1st Place SakurajimaMaiii - 2nd Place Kingseno [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon #Thunder ~ 1st Place LLRS - 2nd Place MurkyHope [Game]

I just can't wait to be king ~ 1st Place KingOz - 2nd Place Alzzafe[Game]

Collecting Relics ~ 1st Place Mariagrazia - 2nd Place Treus [Game]

Sun Wukong ~ 1st Place ThuxS - 2nd Place makarol [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon #Night ~ 1st Place Cazette - 2nd Place Olaiz [Game]

Weasily The Best Swimmer ~ 1st Place DavidAkd - 2nd Place RayBv [Game]

Winter Moss ~ 1st Place Amysthie - 2nd Place MatsVictor [Game]

Cute Little Blobs ~ 1st Place Kherion - 2nd Place Stuure [Game]

PokeMMO's Screenshot Competition ~ 1st Place suigin - 2nd Place MKNS [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon #Fire ~ 1st Place MuchachoMalo - 2nd Place LLRS [Game]





Gekka Ni Shi NO Kuro Koutei ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place MamoswineZ [PVP]

Dance, Darumaka! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

A Soft Heart in a Hard Shell ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place wyqnibaba - 2nd Place Darker [PVP]

Sweet and Toxic Scent ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Bfu - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]

Sharp Attack! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place UmbraMol [PVP]

Holidays In The Toxic Marsh ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Destroyer Of Mountains Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place Kanzo [PVP]

A New Sheriff in Town ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Carlosbreak - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

The Scrappy Guy ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place UmbraMol ~ 2nd Place huargensy [PVP]

Claw Your Way to Victory ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Elvessss [PVP]

This Is How We Roll ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place wyqnibaba - 2nd Place Risadex [PVP]

When Shells Get Smashed ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place mentalsoft [PVP]

Love Comes In All Shapes ~ Bracket ~ aldahirramirez - 2nd Place Darker [PVP]

Six-Winged Demon ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place caosl - 2nd Place Mkns [PVP]

The Facetious Monkey ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place XondeX [PVP]

Roaring Flames ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place Axellgor [PVP]

Wrecking Force ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place reliefgouai - 2nd Place EYL [PVP]

The Fierce Punch ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Yuanlianggreen - 2nd Place AugustNash [PVP]

Yawn Syndrome ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place XondeX [PVP]

Punch of Love & Hate ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd DeusBruno [PVP]

Pepé Le Pew's Best Friend ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place  MamoswineZ - 2nd Place Baneadito [PVP]

Dance With Me In The Dark ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Stelian [PVP]

Master of Kungfu ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place loveyrun - 2nd Place carryzyy [PVP]

The Lovely Balloon ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Jaawax - 2nd Place MullenYu [PVP]

Small Roadblock ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place dlOxpro [PVP]

Tropical Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ChushouRicardo - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

The Swamp Monster ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place TiToooo - 2nd Place Redav [PVP]



Stranded ~ 1st Place  MrMarciano- 2nd Place DRPOKES [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon #Ice ~ 1st Place NeverBag - 2nd Place JorgeMateus [Game]

Care To Stay For The Night? ~ 1st Place WSPOS - 2nd Place Eurace [Game]

Harvesting All The Energy ~ 1st Place Backline - 2nd Place ThuxS [Game]

Electrifying Attraction ~ 1st Place Hzqnb - 2nd Place Pottina [Game]

Path to Treasure Land ~ 1st Place ElvioLaoo - 2nd Place asdsty [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon # Leaf ~ 1st Place TheKIDDleader - 2nd daveN [Game]

I am new here ~ 1st Placepppawn - 2nd Place hanlaobanll [Game]

The Treasure Hunt ~ 1st Place jierchaoda - 2nd Place GagarineRs [Game]

Darude - Sandstorm ~ 1st Place RobotNoNine - 2nd Place Mellodiii [Game]

I Am Light In The Darkness ~ 1st Place Vastg - 2nd Place Bzzly [Game]

The Eeveelution Marathon #Psy ~ 1st Place gududelanggou - 2nd Place YsgramorOAnao [Game]

Perfect Disguise ~ 1st Place Intelboy - 2nd Place Bzuuggoo [Game]

The Resort's Lake Monsters ~ 1st Place EmmaCACHJ [Game]






Prehistoric Menace ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

High Voltage Fish ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place UmbraMol [PVP]

The Scientist's Favorite ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place PoseidonWrath [PVP]

The Power Plant Monster ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Cristi - 2nd Place moisessss [PVP]

Name Of Snow ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place RealDevilLegend [PVP]

Precious Pearl Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place AlejandroGB [PVP]

The Cute Water Slug ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Zigh - 2nd Place ZzDarkzZ [PVP]

The Inseparable Trio ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place zAnderson - 2nd Place urquidi [PVP]

Draconic Rush ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lunarck - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

The Walking Eruption ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Souu - 2nd Place wyqnibaba [PVP]

Easter Jelly Bracket ~ 1st Place Novaniel - 2nd Place Kuramafek [PVP]

Le Grand Bleu ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place azzazz [PVP]

Gozilla's Cousin ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place Rafapallet [PVP]

Berd Up! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Santiii - 2nd Place Darker [PVP]

Bird Puns Are Hawkward ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xMago - 2nd Place KiiritoX [PVP]

Prehistoric Berb ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place awaLLz [PVP]

March of the Penguins ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place CristhianArce [PVP]

Perfect Symmetry ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place Zbleeex [PVP]

I'm Yelling Timburr! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place peacejick [PVP]

Flinching Forever ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Zigh - 2nd Place AngelosRed [PVP]

The Changing One  ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xXScreamXx - 2nd Place Kanzo [PVP]

Steven's Trump Card ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Place ButaleF [PVP]



Bug Hunting ~ 1st Place afy - 2nd Place corekiller [Game]

Rescue Team Operation ~ 1st Place Trevarok - 2nd Place HyperVoice [Game]

Hug and tail ~ 1st Place aiofi - 2nd Place XIXZzz [Game]

Woop Woop! ~ 1st Place NewPlayerSun - 2nd Place Playnerx [Game]

The Wall Pass Expert ~ 1st Place gbagbaa - 2nd Place MZack [Game]

Stop The Storm Maker ~ 1st Place BBzhang - 2nd Place JackLL [Game]

delelele WHOOP ~ 1st Place LOMOLER - 2nd Place QHBBB [Game]

PokeMMO's Screenshot Contest ~ 1st Place Lifestyle - 2nd Place lestheawesome[Game]

Rubbish Rampage! ~ 1st Place LoneAzn - 2nd Place ZAFIROBETHA [Game]

Feeline Purrfect ~ 1st Place Jagstt - 2nd Place Anzar [Game]
I Already Miss Christmas ~ 1st Place qakokj - 2nd Place BlackRadja [Game]

Exploration Dive ~ 1st Place XonicDiamond - 2nd Place Sisino [Game]

Melt it Down! ~ 1st Place FYingHua - 2nd Place ThKiller [Game]

There Is Someone Behind You ~ 1st Place InvestInOmegle - 2nd SercaK [Game]







Patrick Star!? ~ Bracket ~ 1st SkullDeus - 2nd zhaOYugod [PVP]

Technology Wins! Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

Attractive Nighmare ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place Axellgor [PVP]

Too Late For An Omelette ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place Busso [PVP]

A shadow of fear ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DylanWoodz - 2nd Place Akuaayiyahei [PVP]

The Round Angel ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JamesBlu - 2nd Place BiliBiliBiltian [PVP]

Avianoid's Cosmic Power ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Zigh - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

The Tricky Ghost Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Lunarck [PVP]

Quit Monkeying Around ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Titinn - 2nd Place Felicidad [PVP]

The Rock Snake Bracket ~ 1st Place MKNS - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

Maractowo Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Place MexiDany [PVP]

R Ultimate ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Redav - 2nd Place SweeTforU [PVP]

Pharaos Curse ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place zhaOYugod [PVP]

The Best Glider ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place Lazaaro [PVP]

Gotta Go Slow! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place urquidi - 2nd Place AlejandroGB [PVP]

Ready For a Close Combat? Bracket ~ 1st Place Sejuani - 2nd Place joaogrilo [PVP]

Chimp Chomp ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place zhaOYugod [PVP]



Lonely dog ~ 1st Place Kilomoyoo - 2nd Place  Yuhaig [Game]

You Magnemite Be Shocked ~ 1st Place Kakatioro - 2nd Place XxDragonnxX [Game]

Don't come near me! ~ 1st Place rmbw - 2nd Place WurenBB [Game]

Back To Basics ~ 1st Place RexB - 2nd Place ErgyFc [Game]

Freeze it Up! - 1st Edition ~ 1st Place ItsGray - 2nd Place CommanderBlue [Game]

Shauntal's Literature Challenge ~ 1st Place DanteGrin - 2nd Place Archon [Game]

Painted Face ~ 1st Place OzAxel - 2nd Place loserly [Game]

Freeze it Up! - 2nd Edition ~ 1st Place Effeppi - 2nd Place Pinasaur [Game]

Let Bagons be Bagons ~ 1st Place Olmix - 2nd Place XSDVOX [Game]


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Yorushigure NI Tomonatte Chirito Hanabira [NU] ~ Bracket 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place TheBeldumMaster [PVP]

Optimal Strategies [LC] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MaatthewMLG - 2nd Place Redav [PVP]

Powerful Pillars [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place Tawla [PVP]

Rugged Tusks ~ Brackets ~ 1st Place AurumPegasus - 2nd Place Axellgor [PVP]

I Can't Stand a Chansey ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gbwead - 2nd Place Cali [PVP]

Imperial Rainfall ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place AxLKghost - 2nd Place iJulianFNT [PVP]

Superior Armour ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place Zhiko [PVP]

The Bad Bishop ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd YEYOxD [PVP]

GeiJutsu Wa BakuHatsu NI Kimatteru ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd sixsixsixt [PVP]

The Blastoise And The Hare ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LuisAnderson - 2nd Butler [PVP]

The Rise Of the Queen ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Haazuu - 2nd enchanteur [PVP]





Turning Over a New Leaf  ~ 1st Place Chjul - 2nd Place Navetas [Game]

KyouKaSuiGetsu NI Gotoku Hakanai Utsuro ~ 1st Place xiaohaoooo - 2nd Placexiaoyujiang [Game]

For whom the Bell Tolls ~ 1st Place SlenderAffender - 2nd Place xRotasuBR [Game]

The Vermilion Dream #2 ~ 1st Place AaronRC - 2nd Place Frimma [Game]

Community Phenomena Hunt  ~ 1st Place MightyBoxer

A Quirky Qwilfish ~ 1st Place Zhanart - 2nd Place WendyG [Game]

The Flying Karp ~ 1st Place CilanOats - 2nd Place Jonsonwen [Game]

MouSouSei Wagamama NO SABAKI ~ 1st Place fyz - 2nd Place panmlea [Game]

Big OOF Boss ~ 1st Place caasig - 2nd Place FlaFlaPT [Game]




The Rise Of the Queen ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Haazuu - 2nd enchanteur [PVP]

Calling For the Storm ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Brianattackpro - 2nd Funkykong [PVP]

Wynaut Ubers ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd AngelosRed [PVP]

YokkyuFuman NO Egoism ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Rynners - 2nd Place Luke [PVP]

OUtrageous Puns ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place daveN - 2nd Place Esttefy [PVP]

Loser On The Loose ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Cali - 2nd Place Stelian [PVP]

Wynaut Ubers ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Place AngelosRed [PVP]

Tactical Retreat ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Mkns [PVP]

The Friendly Ghost ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Place Nahwel [PVP]

Blue flower... Red thorns? ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place Elvessss [PVP]

Smash 'em to Bits! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Pinklabel [PVP]

Practice Leads to Perfection ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place LeLouchZeroo [PVP]

Towa Yori Tooi Tengaku ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Place NagaHex [PVP]




Barboach Under The Falls ~ 1st Place MatsVictor - 2nd Place Pecaeme [Game]

Excavations At Relic Castle ~ 1st Place Gaoth - 2nd Place xMALUMAbaby [Game]

A Very Good Boy ~ 1st Place Ivancito - 2nd Place Pinklabel [Game]

Going Bananas In The Rain(Forest) ~ 1st Place xxSHADIRxx - 2nd Place xKisho [Game]

ZetsuBouSei Paradise NO Cageling ~ 1st Place FFFlaotouzi - 2nd Place Fishcakes [Game]

Lookin' for Love ~ 1st Place CilanOats - 2nd Place Unmerciful [Game]

The Road to Viridian City ~ 1st Place forevercai - 2nd Place MPDH [Game]

Find Me If You Can! ~ 1st Place Staggiie - 2nd Place Astatho [Game]

Surfing With a Shark! ~ 1st Place twonice - 2nd Place xynzyx [Game]

Into the Woods! ~ 1st Place Ciphr - 2nd Place Terraille [Game]

Rock With You ~ 1st Place HyNord - 2nd Place Bulhofos [Game]




Technical Setups  ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ArgoWar- 2nd Place ZDFire [PVP]

Cute and Dangerous ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla - 2nd Place Zokuru [PVP]

Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy. ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place NagaHex - 2nd Place Boyscap [PVP]

A Line In The Sand ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tadpoles - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

With a Pinch of Salt ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Souu - 2nd Place villadelobos [PVP]

Telepathic Energy Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Schuchty [PVP]

Heavy Metal Bracket ~ 1st Place MaKx - 2nd Santiii [PVP]

Gracias Douglas! Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Hail To The King Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd IvanMai [PVP]

Angling For Success Bracket ~ 1st Place Cali - 2nd AurumPegasus [PVP]




Kanto Regional Marathon ~ 1st Place MightyBoxer - 2nd Place ChaDoo [Game]

Ancient Rockets ~ 1st Place JesusxxxX - 2nd Place Zaiik [Game]

Sink and Swim! ~ 1st Place Beebam - 2nd Place MPDH [Game]

Warm feelings! ~ 1st Place RamzZ - 2nd Place Kelz [Game]

Soot Yourself ~ 1st Place PulgarIzquierdo - 2nd Place Aleexceelis [Game]

Garbage Day ~ 1st Place EmptySoul - 2nd Place PulgarIzquierdo [Game]

I can be your Angle... Or yuor Devil ~ 1st Place MarieJoanne - 2nd Place RobertMarlen [Game]

Please listen to me! ~ 1st Place xzdsd - 2nd Place PPGOU [Game]

Roundabout Trivia Winners [Game]

Make It Rain ~ 1st Place dexidious - 2nd Place LifeHunteer [Game]

The Year of the Pig! ~ 1st Place PulgarIzquierdo - 2nd Place PeepoSad [Game]

Juujika To Houmuru Bara NO Chi No Chikaishi ~ 1st Place Miodami - 2nd Place Martinchen [Game]

Static Spheres ~ 1st Place Guset - 2nd Place Hauxe [Game]

It's dangerous to go alone, take one! [Hoenn Version] ~ 1st Place ZlatanV - 2nd Place jiaquia [Game]

Once in a Blue Moonguss ~ 1st Place Bamboute - 2nd Place jpr [Game]




Mystic Nine Tails Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd LifeStyle [PVP]

Unflinching Resolve Bracket ~ 1st Place freezersama - 2nd gbwead [PVP]

This is Bat Country... Bracket ~ 1st Place Aerun - 2nd Frags [PVP]

An Attractive Proposition Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Floatingd [PVP]

AmAsUgI NO CaRaMeL TrAp Bracket ~ 1st Place DreadnoughtUrgot - 2nd zhaOYugod [PVP]

A Shocking Greeting Bracket ~ 1st Place MaatthewMLG- 2nd Busso [PVP]

After a While, Crocodile Bracket ~ 1st Place Killuminatis- 2nd LKrenz [PVP]

I Came. I Sawk. I Conquered. Bracket ~ 1st Place Butler- 2nd Santiii [PVP]

Ominous Defences Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz- 2nd Ahpool [PVP]

Deep Sea Diving Bracket ~ 1st Place RealDevilLegend - 2nd Frags [PVP]

Who is Champ? Bracket ~ 1st Place RealDevilLegend - 2nd Frags [PVP]



Stalwart Guardians ~ 1st Place Wonsyld - 2nd Place dapanga [Game]

Slowly But Surely ~ 1st Place magnitud - 2nd Place Friidge [Game]

Oh You Sneaky Teddi! ~ 1st Place GodofKawaii - 2nd Place Azielt [Game]

What Really Grinds My Gears  ~ 1st Place huixie - 2nd Place HAIYOUSHUIA [Game]

TakeTori Hishou ~ 1st Place Chushine  - 2nd Place xihuanwanrudahai [Game]

Make A 'Mon Out of Meowth! ~ 1st Place moovnv - 2nd Place leeyou [Game]

Heart of Gold ~ 1st Place bstang - 2nd Place HieuPham [Game]

The Route 1 Hunt - Unova ~ 1st Place qianchengaa - 2nd Place Fixedgaming [Game]

The Color of The Spring ~ 1st Place DennisIII - 2nd Place WendyG [Game]

It's dangerous to go alone, take one! [Kanto Version] ~ 1st Place RealAlexJones - 2nd Place GrizLee [Game]




A Good Bagonning Bracket ~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Luke [PVP]

Thunderstruck! Bracket ~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd czhengc [PVP]

The Crafty Bandit Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd LKrenz [PVP]

Real Steel Bracket ~ 1st Place MaatthewMLG - 2nd EpicVerde [PVP]

Mary Had a Little Lamb Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd coffehot [PVP]

Ore Tsubasa Demo Habataku Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Luke [PVP]

Sparring Session Bracket ~ 1st Place EVLGOON - 2nd Beebam [PVP]

Venomous Stall Bracket ~ 1st Place Navetas - 2nd getovaherez [PVP]

Don't be a buzzkill Bracket ~ 1st Place Hallen - 2nd Mkns [PVP]



Sorry, I Have To Glow ~ 1st Place gerardowa - 2nd Place MakeTheWish [Game]

Sooper Dooper Wooper ~ 1st Place Starco - 2nd Place Djurre [Game]

Lance needs more dragons #1 ~ 1st Place zilexx - 2nd Place zuiaipokeman [Game]

Shinkai NI Samayou Utakata ~ 1st Place farkers - 2nd Place XiaoCaiTang [Game]

The Brightest Star ~ 1st Place MatsVictor - 2nd Place Rennier [Game]

Definitely Arbok's Evolution ~ 1st Place Fixedgaming - 2nd Place Mrunkor [Game]

Detective Pikachu ~ 1st Place RollyPop - 2nd Place woSHISHEINE [Game]

Expedition in Pinwheel Forest ~ 1st Place Kevensky - 2nd Place Mrsjiang [Game]

Shunkan Douchou Isolation ~ 1st Place mpqzmpqz - 2nd Place writedargon [Game]

Is it still Spring? ~ 1st Place gerardowa - 2nd Place TheElliot [Game]



Audino What Title To Put Here Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Fishcakes [PVP]

Tell Me Your Story Bracket ~ 1st Place Zhiko - 2nd POLLITOBLACK [PVP]

Graveyard Smash Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd EVLGOON [PVP]

The Sweetest Tree Sap Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd xLuneth [PVP]

Glass NO Hana To Kuzureru SEKAI Bracket ~ 1st Place loveluoli - 2nd Stelian [PVP]

Crab-Hammer Bracket ~ 1st Place GiftOfGod - 2nd abstractt [PVP]

Unagi Sashimi Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd NecroskullDark [PVP]

The Monster Is Leaving The Cage Bracket ~ 1st Place RayUwU - 2nd OtoukiO [PVP]

The Golden Coal Burner Bracket ~ 1st Place Pitzzin - 2nd CamilaKawaiiChan [PVP]

For the love of Bidoof Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath- 2nd MullenYu [PVP]



Gathering Precious Stones ~ 1st Place TripleDareYa - 2nd Place tusang [Game]

Dirtmouse ~ 1st Place godfeng - 2nd Place yushouxixiang [Game]

A Night At The Opera ~ 1st Place MikuFC - 2nd Place Bakugo [Game]

Sorry, I Have To Glow Again ~ 1st Place Gluttppoy - 2nd Place KosatkaSV[Game]

1000 needles! ~ 1st Place MiraiZura - 2nd Place Kurrag [Game]

Moriya NO Kusari Wa Kero Yue Koori NI Koorareru ~ 1st Place Beebam - 2nd Place tusang [Game]

Spheals Like Summer ~ 1st Place PSabe- 2nd Place ElZeton [Game]

Alphabet Soup! ~ 1st Place ayingx - 2nd Place Silicate [Game]

Project Eevee ~ 1st Place Lvvvvr- 2nd Place zzErikXD [Game]

A Sneaky Kitty ~ 1st Place SmallPD- 2nd Place xXSerendipiaXx [Game]

Roses are red, violets are blue, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU ~ 1st Place RKevi - 2nd Place Beebam [Game]




Audino What Title To Put Here Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Fishcakes [PVP]

Wandering Cotton Bracket ~ 1st Place WESTKH - 2nd Hernjet [PVP]

SanzenSekai E Kakaru Niji Bracket ~ 1st Place Pitzzin - 2nd BlueBreath [PVP]

The Pulse Of The Earth Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Abandonment [PVP]

A Thorn in Our Side! Bracket ~ 1st Place XiaZhiMi - 2nd Guilleex [PVP]

Shiny(?) prize Bracket ~ 1st Place CamilaKawaiiChan - 2nd iYamcha [PVP]

Magnetic Affinity Bracket ~ 1st Place Ahpool - 2nd NoWall [PVP]

Durant's ElegANT Tournament Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla  - 2nd xZeroTwo [PVP]

Let's Levitate Together Bracket ~ 1st Place Busso  - 2nd HaseKirie [PVP]



Berry Juice Addicts Anonymous ~ 1st Place youyouguai - 2nd Place BiSangJiang [Game]

As Quick As Accelgor ~ 1st Place PulgarIzquierdo - 2nd Place guangtouchaoreng [Game]

Ailurophilia ~ 1st Place Ristuka - 2nd Place bigcarman [Game]

Lance needs more dragons #2 ~ 1st Place blackmagicia - 2nd Place JenniferUwU [Game]

Hoshikuzu WA Yume NO Hate NI Ochiru ~ 1st Place Terdgt - 2nd Place basakerzero [Game]

Pyre Parade ~ 1st Place KamiNoSekai - 2nd Place kikosjSJM [Game]

Jellyfish Hunters Club ~ 1st Place lxyfh - 2nd Place bulestar [Game]

Lance needs more dragons #3 ~ 1st Place HernanWold - 2nd Place Egane [Game]

Incompetent Scouts ~ 1st Place Tiandan - 2nd Place LLFNMSL [Game]

Group Scavenger Hunt: Egg Group Edition ~ Winners: Cali, PoseidonWrath, awkways, Mightyboxer [Game]

Burnout ~ 1st Place Lizzaard - 2nd Place wanjialongnb [Game]

Cool ! A Pokeball ! ~ 1st Place Zetotres - 2nd Place OnlyloveJ [Game]

Aquarius remigis ~ 1st Place MINGMINGMINGMING - 2nd Place fyzdblb [Game]




Beautiful Nightmare Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns  - 2nd Stelian [PVP]

Mienshao's OU Showdown Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead  - 2nd PokkeRiley [PVP]

riOlU's Aura Sparring Match Bracket ~ 1st Place loveyun  - 2nd MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Beautiful Nightmare Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Stelian [PVP]

Charge and attack! Bracket ~ 1st Place TheDrakeHope - 2nd Zreetx [PVP]

Holy mole! Bracket ~ 1st Place Kepzal - 2nd JosueFeng [PVP]

You Silly Zangoose Bracket ~ 1st Place AurumPegasus - 2nd MaatthewMLG [PVP]

Summer's Best Sweet Bracket ~ 1st Place AurumPegasus - 2nd aldahirramirez [PVP]

Everybody Let's Kung Fu Fighting ! Bracket ~ 1st Place RealDevilLegend - 2nd YEYOxD [PVP]

The Jellyfish Hunt Bracket ~ 1st Place Cristi - 2nd gbwead [PVP]

Epic Meal Time Bracket ~ 1st Place RealDevilLegend - 2nd ninamik [PVP]

Run Like the wind cowboy Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd gbwead [PVP]




For the next gen, I want pink hair ! ~ 1st Place Moodup - 2nd Place satema [Game]

To Woop or not to Woop? ~ 1st Place nicebaixiong - 2nd Place hxueyang [Game]

Blood From a Stone ~ 1st Place KIRITOMU - 2nd Place zddzz [Game]

Gardening In The Desert ~ 1st Place FightingGhostMan- 2nd Place Anthrazit [Game]

Omelette du Fromage ! ~ 1st Place javiman - 2nd Place demonkael [Game]

Let It Beedrill ~ 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place TheGaLOL [Game]

A new upgrade is available ~ 1st Place JossJull - 2nd Place Mystic [Game]

Water Gun ~ 1st Place Neblina - 2nd Place KingDemons [Game]

Project Eevee #2 ~ 1st Place ASillySheep - 2nd Place yimengtianhuan[Game]

Paint the Cave Red ~ 1st Place jfodn - 2nd Place luoyebaby [Game]

Cloud Nine ~ 1st Place Tahsin - 2nd Place DaPiYanQiu [Game]

Daydream ~ 1st Place Godolis - 2nd Place akitjai [Game]

The Armored Avian Adventure ~ 1st Place RenNiee - 2nd Place laofujian [Game]

Rubik's Cube MONOKUMA ~ 1st Place yunerbao - 2nd Place Takayas [Game]





Yuugure Semi NO Koe ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Place RealDevilLegend [PVP]

My Mom Says I'm Beautiful ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place zAnderson - 2nd Place BasaraTojo [PVP]

IppouTsuukou NO Rules ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Abandonment [PVP]

DragOwOn ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place kiwikidd - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

Deep Sea Treasure ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MiraiZura - 2nd Place TechnicianX [PVP]

A Living Lily ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place cjmystogan - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Draconic Duels ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place cjmystogan - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Spring arena ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xLuneth - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

Dragon's honor ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Luke - 2nd Place Guilleex [PVP]

Somebunny Unfrogettable ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns & Luke - 2nd Place gbwead & Tawla [PVP]

A New Adventure Begins ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU- 2nd Place Abandonment [PVP]




Put Your Paws Up! ~ 1st Place Nyxbel - 2nd Place Xrak [Game]

Sleep Well, My Child ~ 1st Place Burnhound - 2nd Place Godolis [Game]

Mt.Pyre Kara NO Akumu ~ 1st Place wyyyzzz - 2nd Place Zeroinit [Game]

Dark Star ~ 1st Place purpleturkleton - 2nd Place MinamiyaYuki [Game]

A Candle In The Night ~ 1st Place Parrotz - 2nd Place BakuraLR [Game]

Pupper Party! ~ 1st Place terryble - 2nd Place Popochineitor [Game]

HigaiMousou WO Keshite ~ 1st Place Ksshaj - 2nd Place Cwo [Game]

Call of Earth ~ 1st Place golfwenger - 2nd Place CCguodong [Game]

All Cramped In ~ 1st Place CilanOats - 2nd Place dracoslyr [Game]

They spun a web for me ~ 1st Place MoistBread - 2nd Place Elizebeth [Game]

Did anyone 'mansion', Ditto? ~ 1st Place TojoYoyo - 2nd Place maoruoxu [Game]

Seafood Delights ~ 1st Place RevzSM - 2nd Place Xrak [Game]

Let the Bell Ring ~ 1st Place Burnhound - 2nd Place zuowansheng [Game]

Oh, My Mudkip ... ~ 1st Place MadeInPokemon - 2nd Place JoosEAnngeL [Game]





Surfin Kanto ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Place Busso [PVP]

Dirty Paws ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place urquidi - 2nd Place getovaherez [PVP]

I Hate Mondays ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Nap Time ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place Brianattackpro [PVP]

Tsukiakari NO Hikari ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lunarck - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

Moonlight box ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

The Glistening Pearl ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place urquidi [PVP]

Brutal Beasts ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Luke - 2nd Place Ravael [PVP]

Himawari NO Miiro ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place caosl - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 3) ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xLuneth - 2nd Place CamilaKawaiiChan [PVP]

Vullaby's First Flight ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla - 2nd Place Stelian [PVP]

Queen N ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place sgerard - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 5) ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place VHisc - 2nd Place MullenYu [PVP]

What are those?! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place MiraiZura [PVP]

Wait, That's Not A Pumpkin ! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

Gowodzilla ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ChushouRicardo - 2nd Place Brianattackpro [PVP]

The Spooky Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Aleso [PVP]



Honey Gathering ~ 1st Place Lookek - 2nd Place pigpigxidi [Game]

It's Fishing Time ! ~ 1st Place XondeX - 2nd Place EmiVeras [Game]

METAL GEAR: AVIAN ~ 1st Place Sharkihann - 2nd Place sexyKorbi [Game]

Junbaku NO Symphony ~ 1st Place klfyyrr - 2nd Place Seveninman [Game]

Whale you be mine? ~ 1st Place hasseo - 2nd Place MomoLaPepa [Game]

Have you seen my teddy bear? ~ 1st Place junhun - 2nd Place Yomawaru [Game]

A New School Year Begins ! ~ Winners [Game]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 1) ~ 1st Place Pecaeme - 2nd Place Silverbuckss [Game]

Is This Recyclable ? ~ 1st Place purpleturkleton - 2nd Place xPatrix [Game]

Omae NO Shichousei GA Kirameiteru ~ 1st Place XellNova - 2nd Place aaasskk [Game]

Tumblin' Down to Tepig ~ 1st Place sexyKorbi - 2nd Place fashionist [Game]

Tym for Tympole ~ 1st Place EmiVeras - 2nd Place LupinKing [Game]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 2) ~ 1st Place Apofys - 2nd Place Silverbuckss [Game]

You In That Red Dress ~ 1st Place NightWarrior - 2nd Place Willfer [Game]

Aipom's memories ~ 1st Place Levir - 2nd Place mbjx [Game]

E?Ah...Sou! ~ 1st Place XiaoTaoZiQWQ - 2nd Place QaQNingMen [Game]

Hide & Seek w/ Zen ~ Winners [Game]

Golden Eggs ~ 1st Place EXCALlBUR - 2nd Place MartinCZECH [Game]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 4) ~ 1st Place GrungyHobo - 2nd Place WendyG [Game]

Moonlight Hex ~ 1st Place MWGMonsun - 2nd Place TarekGamerYT [Game]





The Lady Below the Waterbed ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Bfu - 2nd Place urquidi [PVP]

Howdy, Birb! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place BasaraTojo [PVP]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 6) ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Zhiko - 2nd Place CamilaKawaiiChan [PVP]

All Soul's Day ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Busso - 2nd Place UmbraMol [PVP]

The Flying Magnet ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place  MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place heichicoda [PVP]

A Visit To The Past ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Haazuu - 2nd Place Kepzal [PVP]

Illusion and hope ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place xiaoyenanoha [PVP]

The Treasure Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla - 2nd Place getovaherez [PVP]

Think green, recycle ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place dinofish [PVP]

The Light of Night ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Pechino - 2nd Place Qunburu [PVP]

Candlelight dinner ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

The Adorable Mushroom ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place getovaherez - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

S.S. Anne Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Busso - 2nd Place Tawla [PVP]

Adrift ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place WhiteBloodCells - 2nd Place RickAlvares [PVP]

The Flying Demons ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Abandonment - 2nd Place Pirlo [PVP]

The Strange Bartender ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

ARE U JELLY? ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Tawla - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Real Steel in Mauville ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place zhaOYugod - 2nd Place baokemengY [PVP]

Rock Snake ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YEYOxD - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

The Desert Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Elvessss - 2nd Place MullenYu [PVP]

The Lady Below the Waterbed #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stelian - 2nd Place LeLouchZ [PVP]

Tonfa Training ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place zhaOYugod [PVP]




Why Aren't You A Dragon ? ~ 1st Place DanielRios - 2nd Place diarisoa [Game]

Shibomu Naki Oujo ~ 1st Place Cchelly - 2nd Place MamaWeMadeIt [Game]

Mushroom Maniacs ~ 1st Place BryanDrK - 2nd Place Intimidoar [Game]

Night at the seabed ~ 1st Place gbagbaa - 2nd Place FMXANDCY [Game]

For best results: stay Positive! ~ 1st Place MarieJoanne - 2nd Place Vrakie [Game]

1st SEVII Islands Festival (Part 7-Final) ~ 1st Place Bzuuggoo - 2nd Place moniik [Game]

Let's "Spring" In Autumn ~ 1st Place Bzuuggoo - 2nd Place moniik [Game]

Mayhem In Vermilion ~ 1st Place PhoenixNoah - 2nd Place xMago [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Cyber Thunder Cider ~ 1st Place Jefsu - 2nd Place xhQAQ [Game]

Sprinkling Copper Chloride ~ 1st Place shuidiqwq - 2nd Place uchihaleo [Game]

Chilling on The Beach ~ 1st Place xCagueca - 2nd Place CilanOats [Game]

The Fire Chiken ~ 1st Place Hamtaroo - 2nd Place Moustakix [Game]

Little Acorn WIll Be A Tree One Day ~ 1st Place Deass - 2nd Place oCrYpT [Game]

Vewy Scawy Dwagon ~ 1st Place PhantomDreamx - 2nd Place Locustas [Game]

The Ruins Of a Forgotten Past ~ 1st Place PavBoss - 2nd Place Feetastic [Game]





The Game of Life ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

Akai Akuma ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place wyqnibaba - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Konranchan's Curved Corners ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Brianattackpro - 2nd Place Cristi [PVP]

Cyber Rizar Rage ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Luke - 2nd Place Yuanlianggreen [PVP]

Is It a Turtle ? Is It a Volcano ? No It's Torkoal ! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

Strange Eyes In The Dark ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

LF A Friendly Fish ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

Cyber BUG Dungeon ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place sillyt [PVP]

The Mysterious Egg ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OtoukiO- 2nd Place MullenYu [PVP]

The Greatest Storm ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place WhiteBloodCells - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

Live, Love, Laziness ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Yuanlianggirl [PVP]

A Trial Of Determination ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place WhiteBloodCells - 2nd Place NagaHex [PVP]

Shining Stone ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place xLuneth [PVP]

Hot Springs Challenge ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place coffeehot - 2nd Place heichicoda [PVP]

The Fire In Our Spirit ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd Place GoldenFreeza [PVP]

Cyber Stardust ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place sleccter - 2nd Place aldahirramirez [PVP]

The Raw Lobster ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place Tawla [PVP]

The Long Lost Fortress ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MullenYu - 2nd Place Pirlo [PVP]

See You Next Year, Santa ! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place zAnderson - 2nd Place YEYOxD [PVP]

The Secret Island ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Cali - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

I Sawk It Coming From a Mile Away ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xLuneth - 2nd Place MamoswineZ [PVP]

New Year's Eve Partay ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place AngelosRed - 2nd Place Intimidoar [PVP]



Why Aren't You A Dragon ? ~ 1st Place DanielRios - 2nd Place diarisoa [Game]

A Tribute To Nurse Joy ~ 1st Place beastgrizzly - 2nd Place Xachary [Game]

Hoenn's Chunin Exam ~ 1st Place Bzuuggoo - 2nd Place Cmawesomee [Game]

The Power Plant "Monster" ~ 1st Place MatsVictor - 2nd Place mickelange [Game]

Cyber Apple Rain ~ 1st Place MOMww - 2nd Place XGGXF [Game]

Fiery King's Path ~ 1st Place LinzetPro - 2nd Place weiking [Game]

Long Live The King ~ 1st Place mmjkuan - 2nd Place asdwhm [Game]

Cyber Spider Catcher ~ 1st Place ShadeShine - 2nd Place hanxiao [Game]

From Ashes They Rose ~ 1st Place Takaimei - 2nd Place DeepRoap [Game]

The Strongest Pokemon ~ 1st Place Mewy  - 2nd Place StevenD [Game]

Reindeer Games - Renaissance ~ Winners [Game]

Into The Darkness ~ 1st Place Maebon - 2nd Place DeathScytheII [Game]


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Vullaby's Venture [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EpicVerde - 2nd Mkns [PVP]

Wave the Flaming Fists [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Redav - 2nd MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Scales of Beauty [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd iJulianFNT [PVP]

What A Shocker [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Mkns- 2nd Redav [PVP]

Common But Powerful ~ Bracket ~ 1st koudaii - 2nd LuisAnderson [PVP]

Minami Juujisei Kara NO Inori Bracket ~ 1st Akuaayiyahei - 2nd gbwead [PVP]

Pressure Makes Diamonds ~ Bracket ~ 1st Aerun - 2nd LKrenz [PVP]




I Don't See Wynaut ~ 1st Hysterious - 2nd GodofKawaii [Game]

Standing With Tail ~ 1st casterr- 2nd xleexc [Game]

Hide n' Seek with a Master ~ Winners [Game]

A Little Bird Told Me ~ 1st AustinCider  - 2nd cifudemian [Game]

(T)errors of Christmas ~ 1st Azuyawa - 2nd Aerun [Game]

Seals Symbolize a Good Luck ~ 1st Kyldo - 2nd RainNatsu [Game]

Yowane Haku NO Kairisei Game ~ 1st newKINGS - 2nd Kyldo [Game]

Kao Wo Kasutta Awayuki Wa Kimi NO Namida ~ 1st cyecr - 2nd FiveseveN [Game]

Never Too Cold for Ice Cream ~ 1st Potaato - 2nd chinafsy [Game]



This Comes In Handy [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st stairway - 2nd Akuaayiyahei [PVP]

Fun is overrated [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st ZDFire - 2nd Cristi [PVP]

~~Venomoth Lamp [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd Cristi [PVP]

Everlasting Koori NO Hanataba [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd EVLGOON [PVP]

Heavy Rain Has Come [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Redav - 2nd abstractt [PVP]

Nerves Of Steel [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Pinklabel - 2nd Tawla [PVP]

The Deep-Sea Star [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd ZDFire [PVP]

Throw me at him!! [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st abstractt - 2nd YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

Nub Tourney [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EVLGOON - 2nd SweeTForU [PVP]

English Knightmare [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st abstractt - 2nd Haazuu [PVP]

I'm Bat-Man [UU] Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd Zhiko [PVP]

Spin and Dig [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st koudaii - 2nd jingmingjiujiu [PVP]



Light The Nights! ~ 1st Wiriketchup - 2nd BlizzardGG [Game]

Electric Engine ~ 1st youdianpi - 2nd qwqxiaobo [Game]

Find A Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Whismur Or Ditto? ~ 1st xleexc - 2nd hejiahuanl [Game]

A Naughty Swim Ring ~ 1st liyanhuishuai - 2nd Zhujia [Game]

Color Me Intrigued ~ 1st Mkns - 2nd AlateaOlwyn [Game]

Ready, Teddy, Go! ~ 1st TWOTAM - 2nd JIce [Game]

Color Me Intrigued ~ 1st Mkns - 2nd AlateaOlwyn [Game]


I am Jelly [UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st SweeTforU - 2nd Schuchty [PVP]

Steelix' Rocky Rumble [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd gbwead [PVP]

Zetsu NO Kajitsu [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd kinao [PVP]

LC Best Tier [LC] ~ Bracket ~ 1st enchanteur - 2nd AxLKghost [PVP]

Scare Crow [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Keggi - 2nd MadaraSixSix [PVP]

A Graceful Kiss [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EfronX - 2nd LKrenz [PVP]

Reijigen NO Jealousy [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd enchanteur [PVP]

One Paw Man [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st EpicVerde - 2nd gbwead [PVP]

It Was A Hax-ccident [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Zhiko - 2nd ZDFire [PVP]

Eien NO Melody [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Axellgor - 2nd abstractt [PVP]

Petal To The Metal [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Rendi - 2nd OrangeManiac [PVP]

Haiiro NO Nagareboshi [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Redav - 2nd Chjul [PVP]

S.A.T.O.R.A.R.E [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Stelian - 2nd Takens [PVP]



Hoshizora Yakusoku #2 ~ 1st XingMengYuYun - 2nd QQqqWWWQQqq [Game]

Ever Grande's Coral Reef ~ 1st Poisan - 2nd ajing [Game]

Hoshizora Hateni #3  ~ 1st ZhiXiaA - 2nd yangjingshu [Game]

FrozenCirno NO K.O.K.O.R.O ~ 1st WangJiTu - 2nd LeeJenrya [Game]

Have a Sweet Dream ~ 1st wasdpok - 2nd biyaobilian [Game]

Itsuka Furiagaru Ame ~ 1st kalasm - 2nd ssscry [Game]

A Sticky Combeenation ~ 1st MadeInPokemon - 2nd Tawla [Game]

Crimson Reaper ~ 1st OrangeManiac - 2nd TempestTrainer [Game]



RedRampage[OU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st EfronX - 2nd Lotus [PVP]

How Poetic[LC] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Jaawax -2nd Crimar [PVP]

Kagami NO Kotone[OU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st LuisAnderson - 2nd BlueBreath[PVP]

Zoned Out[LC] ~ Brackets ~ 1st yosoyarca - 2nd Lkrenz[PVP]

To the Next Frontier[UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st EVLGOON - 2nd gbwead[PVP]

 I Need A Keyman[NU]Brackets ~ 1st YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place ZhikoDark[PVP]

Hidden Gems[LC]Brackets ~ 1st BlueBreath- 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Hazardous Gases[OU]Brackets ~ 1st Pitzzin- 2nd Place ILyam[PVP]

Howling Flames[OU]  ~  Brackets ~ 1st gbwead- 2nd Place Redav [PVP]

Across the Pond![UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Forfiter- 2nd Place Redav [PVP]

A House for a Smurf[Doubles]~ Brackets ~ 1st LKrenz - 2nd Place Kimikozen [PVP]

Little Minds[LC] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Mkns - 2nd Place yosoyarca [PVP]

A Sparking Victory! #2[UU]Brackets ~ 1st ZhikoDark- 2nd Place iJulianFNT[PVP]



U can't touch this ~ 1st  LaussyStar 2nd YingYingGuaiQWQ [Game]

Hoshizora Memories ~ 1st Yexiaopei  2nd habitatchen[Game]    

Sparks of the Forest ~ 1st Leppaberry 2nd Arzkie[Game]

Splashing! ~ 1st Trialmoon 2nd ArturxXx[Game]

Hide and Seek w/ Blue Winners[Game]

Safari Day! #1 ~ 1st MazinKaiserZero - 2nd muxicjk [Game]




Steel Your Resolve#4[OU]  ~ Brackets1st Jaawax - 2nd Place Pitzzin [PVP]

Petit Power![LC] ~ Brackets ~ 1st yosoyarca - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

It's Looming Over[UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

Summit Of Silver [Doubles]~ Brackets 1st RealDevilLegend- 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

Sharpen My Skills [UU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL- 2nd Place RealDevilLegend [PVP]

Strawberry Sundae [NU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Sebat - 2nd Place Calidubstep [PVP]

Tell Which Tail Is Tale [NU] ~ Brackets ~ 1st Mkns - 2nd Place Butlerrr [PVP]

Dragon Of The Primal Lands [OU]  ~ Brackets ~ 1st IEscanor - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

Dragon Of The Roaring Skies [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SheepAlone - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

Dragon Of The Furious Seas [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Adolphzxr [PVP]

Who Is Danger [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place OuCat [PVP]

A Face From The Past [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

Wreck'n SMASH! [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place ZDFire [PVP]

Staring At The Star [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Iceoce - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

Smelling Salts [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd Place Pitzzin [PVP]

The Hero Of Light [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place EVLGOON [PVP]



Sparks of Friendship ~ 1st ShadowRennagan - 2nd mKdd [Game]

The Lightning Fast Pop Quiz...~ Winners [Game]




Hello World [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place StaPuil - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

A Walk in the Parke #2 [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]

That opportunity has gon [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place pachima - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

Fairy of Wind [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place Stelian [PVP]

Stop mothing me [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL ~ 2nd Place geniculata [PVP]

Cool Down the Summer [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

Hold a candle [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Haazu - 2nd Place NecroskullDark [PVP]

Wreck'em Rollout [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place AurumPegasus [PVP]

Spooky Waters [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

SlowDown [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

A Sturdy Event Right Here [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

The Deep Sea Star [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]




Artisan Party ~ 1st spDOOW - 2nd wodetiankongc [Game]

Stop throwing spiders at me ~ Winners [Game]

Scouted ~ 1st Subbix - 2nd Gshang [Game]

Meowth That's right! ~ 1st SimonZwei - 2nd ZCLetsGo [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]




Hop On [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lazaaro - 2nd Place Wiriketchup [PVP]

Drop That Microphone! [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Risadex [PVP]

 Keep It Real [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mkns - 2nd EpicVerde  [PVP]

Steel your resolve #3 [NU] ~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place MaatthewMLG [PVP]

Your team is on fire [UU] ~ 1st Place moisessss 2nd Place ImSara [PVP]

Will UU go to prom with me? nOU #5 ~ 1st Place Lifestyle & Bluebreath - 2nd Place LKrenz & YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

Metronome Madness [Clef Cup] ~ 1st Place Crimar - 2nd Place Mkns [PVP]

A humerus fight #2 [OU] ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place yosoyarca [PVP]

Here UU go [UU] ~ 1st Place Mlhawk - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

Cut Is For NUbs [NU] ~ 1st Place Schuchty - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]

A Doubles a Day Keeps the Doctor Away [Doubles] ~ 1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place EfronX [PVP]

When the Game Gets Too Easy [Triples] ~ 1st Place iJulianFNT - 2nd Place valanar [PVP]

Make Me Happy! [OU] ~ 1st Place zchi - 2nd Place MULEKINN [PVP]

Can't outswim this [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Kimikozen - 2nd Place BullDogBlue [PVP]




Shake My Hands ~ 1st Kuinn - 2nd PokeHoney [Game]

The Vermilion Dream ~ 1st KitKid - 2nd Taktok [Game]

Catch some Pixels ~ 1st SSSTI - 2nd crlo [Game]

The Perfect Match ~ 1st KitKid - 2nd WaitM [Game]

Nice to Meet You! #4 ~ Winners [Game]

Another Ring To The Ant? ~ 1st SSSTI - 2nd imbatmans [Game]

Hiding in the Dark ~ 1st PoketNoobivan - 2nd Goath [Game] 

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

The Secrets of the Safari #4 ~ 1st HeHeTay - 2nd Lvke [Game] 

Golden Legend ~ 1st chous - 2nd kaixinsong [Game] 

Nice to Meet You! #5 ~ Winners [Game]

Why you Jouk me? #2 - Hide n' Seek ~ Winners [Game]



Sawk It Up! [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place Wiriketchup [PVP]

 Steel your resolve [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DylanWoodz - 2nd MadaraSixSix  [PVP]

It's Staryu not Starmie #3 [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place Lkrenz [PVP]

Steel your resolve #2 [UU]~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place quixinchou [PVP]

You're going too slow [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place Quave [PVP]

A humerus fight [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

It's Snout my kind of event #2 [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place JRyuk [PVP]

Lightning Fast [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place ZDFire [PVP]

One Little Duck [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Rendiz [PVP]

Just Wanna Go Flex [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place moisessss [PVP]

 You attract me [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd ZhikoDark  [PVP]

Don't Be Ruff [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place FranchoP - 2nd Place Nikhill [PVP]

Most Toxic Couple [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MaatthewMLG - 2nd Place yosoyarca [PVP]

A Sparking Victory! [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place MaatthewMLG [PVP]

A Cute Encounter [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place ZDFire [PVP]




Golett the Puns Out ~ 1st LeoGomez - 2nd MoltenFish [Game]

Love Is In the Air ~ 1st jokersaa - 2nd pigpigpigpigpig [Game]

♫ ♪ Kitty Party! ♫ ♪ ~ 1st SalzigerZucker - 2nd Risadex [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Gum-Gum Headbutt! ~ 1st Gfatty - 2nd Suern [Game]

Hide & Seek ~ Winners [Game]

How to be a Samurai 101 ~ 1st DeepRoap - 2nd Solicate [Game]

Nice to Meet You! #3 ~ Winners [Game]

Little Muscles ~ 1st LeviathanO - 2nd Zeldont [Game]

Balls to the Wailmer ~ 1st aaluuba - 2nd marionettelsc [Game]

Catching Froggy ~ 1st iDref - 2nd MightyBoxer [Game]



Brush's Devotee Art Contest  ~ 1st Hatrikk - 2nd Wickerupt - 3rd Heathhorn  [Forum]




So Mushroom in My Heart <3 [NU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place TheDrakeHope [PVP]

I Spy a Dragonfly! [UU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place Wiriketchup - 2nd Place yosoyarca [PVP]

[Clef Cup] I can't bear to lose you ~  Bracket  [PVP]

Started From the Bottom Now We're Deer [NU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place Wiriketchup [PVP]

Remember My Mask [UU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]

Everyone's Favorite Steel Psychic Pokemon [UU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place Elliasal [PVP]

Little Cup League #14 [LC]  ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead  - 2nd Place Goldeneyes [PVP]

Kingdom of Epic Kills Reborn [OU]  ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead  - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

♫♪ I'm Gonna Swing From The Chandelure ♫♪ [OU]  ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark  - 2nd Place ZDFire [PVP] 

Ledys First [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]




It's Peanut Butter Rusty Time  ~ 1st Damacus - 2nd mikuJS [Game]

Here We Are Again ~ Winners [Game]

Finding Soul Mates #10 ~ Winners [Game]

That's some Legendairy Cowncentration  ~ 1st imbatmans - 2nd YZYX [Game]

You Can't Alter the Past  ~ 1st KaMgMel - 2nd OrangeManiac [Game]

Spot the Panda  ~ 1st Excavalier - 2nd YinF [Game]

Till the Dark Yields Stars  ~ 1st YUNGWARDo - 2nd beefpowder [Game]

Turn Down The Heat  ~ 1st Anthrazit - 2nd Manxn [Game]

Nice to Meet You! #2 ~ Winners [Game]




JoJoltik's Shocking Adventure [UU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd Place enchanteur   [PVP]

Wave to the Wave Hero [OU] ~  Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place LKrenz   [PVP]

Algum BR? [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Place Aleso [PVP]

So You Think You're Good? #2 [OU]  ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Suigining - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP]

Vitreous Stone Memento [UU]  ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stairway - 2nd Place SUDAKILL [PVP]

Neverused, but Never Forgotten [NU]  ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Moisessss - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]

Don't Panic! UU hasn't been For-cotton. [UU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place PredaKiller [PVP]

More UU Tournaments? You only had to asp! [UU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place PredaKiller [PVP]

Fuel the Friday Night Fire [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place Suigining [PVP]

So You Think You're Good? [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]

A Tournament Sprouted [UU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd Place CrissCy [PVP]

Dragon Dance Revolution [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place DoctorPBJ [PVP]

This requires utmost Secrecy [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Yukei [PVP]



Master of Shuppets ~ 1st GodofKawaii - 2nd gilbertotres [Game]

Kitty Konundrum  ~ 1st blahblahbal - 2nd NurseMaddi [Game]

The Ultimate Quest ~ Winners [Game]

Oh, what can it mean to be a Daydream Retriever ~ Winners [Game]

Finding Soul Mates! #8 ~ Winners [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

My lips are sealed  ~ 1st DreamNights - 2nd CrownBeast [Game]

Nice to Meet You! #1 ~ Winners [Game]




Cubchoo's Winter Wonders Art Contest  ~ 1st LavaFlow - 2nd Yuckii - 3rd ChaserKen  [Forum]




The Great Wall of Thorns [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

What's That Creepy Smile For? [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place LeviaTaNzft - 2nd Place qiuxinchou [PVP]

Rotating Battles: Uno, Dos, Tres [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place Roxxass [PVP]

Rock You Like a Hurricane [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place Titoooo - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

A Mammoth Tournament [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Lazaaro [PVP]

Will UU go to the prom with me? nOU [OU&UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place [Kyaa Senpai] YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL & Belieberboy [PVP]

Gilan's Sandile Tournament [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place Aerun - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

No More Mr Ice Guy [Monotype] ~ Bracket 1st Place Rendiz - 2nd Place IIDannyII [PVP]

Give me a Sign [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place Lazaaro [PVP]

Conkeldurr the Conqueror [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place stairway [PVP]

Oh anoth...NANI??! [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Nahwel [PVP]

Busco War [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Mkns [PVP]



The Great PokeMMO Treasure Hunt 2k18  ~ 1st Vincenteh - 2nd Excavalier [Game]

The Secrets of the Safari 2  ~ 1st CandeSenior - 2nd sharkmachinegun [Game]

LF My Green Friend  ~ 1st Calidubstep - 2nd Akshit [Game]

Staff Mascot Mix-up ~ Winners [Game]

The Secrets of the Safari #3  ~ 1st Calidubstep - 2nd PinkLabel [Game]

PokeMMO's Doggy Daycare  ~ 1st KudryavkaTT - 2nd GodofKawaii [Game]

Minccino Mania with PokeMMO's Mayor  ~ 1st CrownBeast - 2nd Hohman [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]




Stop Dogging me [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

I'm over the Moon [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place Aerun [PVP]

Gotta look sharp [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Karifura [PVP]

All you can eat Buffet [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place iJulianFNT [PVP]

I'm in pure Bliss [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place iJulianFNT - 2nd Place DoctorPBJ [PVP]

Come out of your Shell [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place stairway - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

That's a Crafty one [UU]~ Bracket 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Rikoudo [PVP]

Mister Albert Deinstein [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place ZhikoDark - 2nd Place ketze [PVP]

It's Looming over [OU]~ Bracket 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place JhowCrazy [PVP]

Flappy Bird [Doubles]  ~ Bracket 1st Place iJulianFNT - 2nd Place MaatthewMLG [PVP]

A Re-Unique Tournament [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place PokkeRiley - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

Do UU Remember Me? [UU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place valanar [PVP]

Cofagrigus' Tomb Showdown [UU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place Schuchty [PVP]

This one got me Fired [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Lazaaro [PVP]

It's all about the Hax-orus [OU]  ~ Bracket 1st Place MadaraSixSix - 2nd Place Elvessss [PVP]



Having a good ol' Shuckle  ~ 1st Aerun - 2nd ShinyTeemo [Game]

You are my Sunshine  ~ 1st FedeRAMONE - 2nd Chjul [Game]

I got an awful Koff  ~ 1st Zrambox - 2nd iJulianFNT [Game]

You man were ducking  ~ 1st SUDAKILL - 2nd masterkakashi [Game]

My Fintasy came true  ~ 1st JhowCrazy - 2nd SimonZwei [Game]

Quite a Shrewd pokemon  ~ 1st Excavalier - 2nd Crimar [Game]

Buizel's Swimming Competition  ~ 1st Lasagne - 2nd valanar [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Hide and Seek ~ Winners [Game]

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I need to Axew a Question [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place punknerd - 2nd Place ketze [PVP]

Preparing for a Drought [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

I see right through you [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place yosoyarca- 2nd Place xLuneth [PVP]

Azumarill's Splashing Tournament [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place LeviaTaNzft - 2nd Place Schuchty [PVP]

Opposites attract [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

Keep yourself hydrated [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Can you Dig it? [OU] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place iJulianFNT - 2nd Place VadimEmpoleon [PVP]

The Bravest Bird [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place IIIKhan - 2nd Place SweeTforu [PVP]

I came, I saw, I hosted a Tournament [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place ketze [PVP]

2 Plus 2 Is 4, Minus 1 That's 3 [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

The Fight Before Christmas [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place ketze - 2nd Place Elcoolio [PVP]

I got you Hippnotized [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place iJulianFNT - 2nd Place Rendiz [PVP]

You're quite Lavable [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place Mkns [PVP]

I'm feeling a little Ill [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place daveN [PVP]

This isn't a drill [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Lazaaro [PVP]

Tyranitar's Da-Rude Sandstorm [OU] ~ Bracket 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place RLotus [PVP]




Make a Whis  ~ 1st iFreddyRodriguez - 2nd Sewi [Game]

It's been a Whale  ~ 1st Digisupermasa - 2nd YUBELLLLLLL [Game]

Dusk is setting in  ~ 1st iFreddyRodriguez - 2nd Sewi [Game]

Soda Pop Quiz  ~  Winners  [Game]

Quit foaling around  ~ 1st Crimar - 2nd XKevinSegoviaX [Game]

Without Feather ado  ~ 1st Axten - 2nd KuroKiritoVN [Game]

Peeko's newest friend! #2 ~ 1st Akshit - 2nd Pinklabel [Game]

Find a Friend | Pun Free Since 1943  ~  Winners  [Game]

Reindeer Games ~ 1st xAnzaz - 2nd Crimar [Game]

That's the Wrong Nature ~ 1st AddioStronzi - 2nd khillocko [Game]

A Bananas Event ~ 1st MPDH - 2nd Ash [Game]



A PokeMMO Christmas Carol ~ Winners ~ 1st Johnnicles - 2nd xSparkie - 3rd TheGreatMe [Forum]



Double The Fun [2v2]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place demoniodelatinta - 2nd Place TiToooo [PVP]

Perry's late nights #8  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Bonfire Night Extravaganza [UU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place Predakiller - 2nd Place MadaraSixSix [PVP]

It’s snout my kind of event [NU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Axoa [PVP]

In a pinch [OU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

Slowking's Freezing Tournament [UU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place Axoa - 2nd Place PredaKiller [PVP]

Perry's late nights #9 [OU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place EfronX [PVP]

Don't be so nosy [Doubles]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place EfronX [PVP]

It's no truffle at all [OU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]



Tone it down   ~ 1st KrulciferEinfolk - 2nd XyLiveInJungleyX [Game]

Bea the best  ~ 1st vietnamtngo - 2nd Utkan [Game]

These puns are Reely annoying  ~ 1st vviiaamm - 2nd LoveWhisper [Game]

Cats vs Dogs  ~ 1st LaidbackJohn - 2nd XyLiveInJungleyX [Game]

Minun needs a Hero!  ~ 1st BloodyHood - 2nd Avarus [Game]

Another event? Wynaut?  ~ 1st Drinkle - 2nd Aewrathiel [Game]

Wake up Sheeple  ~ 1st Ernestas - 2nd BillionTH [Game]

Prof. Birch's Equal  ~ Winners [Game]

Sea ya gurl in the park  ~ 1st Raximillian - 2nd Aerun [Game]

What's In The Box #2  ~ Winners [Game]



Evolution Art Contest ~ Winners ~ 1st Suigin - 2nd SodaNaranja - 3rd Debuti [Forum]




Saved by the Bell  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place Intor - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Camerupt's Volcanic Tournament [NU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place Rynners [PVP]

The Tengu's Rage [NU]  ~ Bracket   ~  1st Place Redav - 2nd Place EfronX [PVP]

Zangoose's Recruitment [OU]  ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place stairway - 2nd Place geniculata [PVP]

Will UU go to prom with me? nOU #4 [UU/OU]   ~ Bracket   ~ 1st Place ZhikoDark & Yosoyarca - 2nd Place enchanteur & Frags [PVP]

Intangible Tangela's Tournament [NU]  ~ Bracket   ~  1st Place Predakiller - 2nd Place HXIN [PVP]

S-s-saturday NU [NU]   ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place BlueJim - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

It's not Staryu, It's Starmie [OU]   ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

I'm Crabaple of decent puns [UU]   ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place valanar - 2nd Place geniculata [PVP]

Eyes on the Prize [UU]   ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Nahwel [PVP]

Another Tourney Barbroaches [NU]   ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place XxxDragonDarkxxX - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Missing Blizzard Since 2014 [Doubles] ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

The Pie is a Lie [NU] ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place Mlhawk - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Three Eyed Reiiindeer [NU] ~ Bracket    ~  1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place Demoniodelatinta [PVP]

Protect the Queen [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

Gilan & Perry's STAB Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

We are the Machampions [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place Beatricce [PVP]



Stop fishing for compliments ~ 1st DreamNights - 2nd  Staggiie  [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners

Team Scavenger Hunt: Typing Edition ~ Winners [Game]

The Secrets of the Safari  ~ 1st DarknessMoon - 2nd  xAnzar [Game]

Weave come a long way  ~ 1st DanieruTamashi - 2nd  OragamiSpider  [Game]

Gotta catch a few  ~ 1st OrangeManiac - 2nd  Slidairr [Game]

Stop Hogging all the Pigs  ~ 1st Ichinose - 2nd  GodofKawaii [Game]

A Hawkward Illeagle Catching Event  ~ 1st Cawotteman - 2nd  Raptori  [Game]

Better puns were octopied  ~ 1st yososarca - 2nd  AxlKghost [Game]

Professor Oaks's Gathering ~ Winners [Game]

Hide and Treat ~ Winners [Game]

The Great PokeMMO Spook Hunt ~ 1st Place NhokPies - 2nd Place Chesar [Game]

Don't be so Gullible ~ 1st Place JONZZ - 2nd Place muskeBLUE [Game]




Kadabra's Magical Throwdown [NU] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Oltan [PVP]

Barely Noticeable Doubles [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place JIce - 2nd Place xSparkie [PVP]

An Aggronvating Tournament [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place FABBROoo - 2nd Place SweeTforU [PVP]

Perry's late nights #5 [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]

Friday Night Throwdown X [NU] ~ Bracket 1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Perry's late nights #6 [NU] ~ Bracket 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place danipersan [PVP]

Little Cup League #13 [LC] ~ Bracket 1st Place Crimar - 2nd Place Bluejim [PVP]

Friday Night Throwdown XI [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Stairway - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

Perry's late nights #7 [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place xHugo [PVP]

Vulpix Fire Dance [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Akles - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]

Venomoth's Venomous Showdown [NU]  ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place EfronX - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

Donphan's Rollout Competition [UU]  ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place PredaKiller [PVP]

Hariyama's Karate Tournament [OU]  ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place MaeKaaay - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]



Who's That Pokemon? #2 ~ Winners [Game]

Hide n Seek ~ Winners [Game]

Vermilion Fishing Competition ~ Winners [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster #6 ~ Winners [Game]

Clefairy's Tales: V1 The Seven Dwarves ~ 1st muskeBLUE - 2nd  VadimEmpoleon [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #13 ~ Winners [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #14 ~ Winners [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster #7 ~ Winners [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #15  ~ Winners [Game]



Creative Writing Contest: Picture Prompts ~ Winners ~ 1st WolfgangDamien - 2nd Gilan - 3rd Icelly [Forum]




Girafarig in the Wild [NU] ~ Bracket 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd Place Moisessss [PVP]

50 Eyes of Night [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place OrangManiac [PVP]

Chinchou's LC Doubles ~ Bracket 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place KentaD [PVP]

You Can Speak!? [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place soniczen - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

It's "chime" to ring in an NU Tournament ~ Bracket 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place xSparkie [PVP]

Steeling the Competition [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place stairway - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

Little Cup League #12 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Enchanteur - 2nd Place Samoerai [PVP] 

Koffing's Asthma Attack! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Enchanteur - 2nd Place Zymogen [PVP] 

Uber Splash! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place SpartacusGD [PVP] 

Azumarill's Beach Showdown Bracket ~ 1st Place belieberboy - 2nd Place Suneet [PVP] 

Tenta's Cool OU Showdown Bracket ~ 1st Place Geniculata - 2nd Place LoveBreak [PVP] 

Battle in the Cosmos Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP] 

Roselia's Flower Garden Bracket ~ 1st Place DididIStutter - 2nd Place Lazaaro [PVP] 

Dodrio's Airborne Tournament Bracket ~ 1st Place AngelosRed - 2nd Place sweendog [PVP] 



Unown's City Riddle ~ Winners [Game]

The Getaway-Care #16 ~ Winners [Game]

Genies' True Wish For Wisdom #1 ~ Winners [Game]

Hide n' Seek! ~ Winners [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster #5 ~ Winners [Game]

Who's That Pokemon Winners [Game]

Stay on Track ~ Winners [Game]

Vermilion Fishing Competition ~ Winners [Game]




Miss Me Baby One More Time [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd DestructX [PVP]

Torkoal's Hot Showdown [NU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place spadas [PVP]

Forretress's Rapid Spin [OU] ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place Kevola [PVP]

A Patient Counter [Uber] ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place stairway - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Swablu's Summer Carnival [UU] ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place PredaKiller [PVP]

Granbull's Daily Dose Of Boxing [NU] ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place Jostarr - 2nd Place DididIStutter [PVP]

Tropius' Tropical Thunder [NU] ~ Bracket  ~ 1st Place stairway - 2nd Place moisessss [PVP]

Little Cup League #11 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Place Crimar [PVP] 

Presenting - Give us a Doubles Tournament [Doubles] ~ Bracket 1st Place Lazaaro - 2nd Place EYL [PVP] 

Cacturne's Hot Desert Showdown ~ Bracket 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP] 

TheMachampionMike's Tournament ~ Bracket 1st Place Tooorres - 2nd Place DylanWoodz [PVP]

Little Steps to Make Life More Beautiful ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Bluejim - 2nd Place EfronX [PVP]

Dusclop's Nightly Food [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MlHawk - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP]



Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Qualifier 1 ~ Bracket~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place DoubleJ [PVP Series]

Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Qualifier 2 ~ Bracket~ 1st Place DestructX - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP Series]

Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Qualifier 3 ~ Bracket~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP Series]

Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Qualifier 4 ~ Bracket~ 1st Place overToasted - 2nd Place NikhilR [PVP Series]

Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Qualifier Finale ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP Series]



Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

New Mauville Madness ~ 1st Staggiie - 2nd Place EddiesWrath [Game]

Staff Mascot Mixup ~ Winners [Game]

hoppipevent.png ~ 1st SwordBiter - 2nd Place FlowerGirll [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster #4 ~ Winners [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #12 ~ Winners [Game]

Carvanha's Upstream Fishing Competition ~ 1st TiToooo - 2nd Place XyLiveTheJungleyX [Game]

The Getaway-Care #15 ~ Winners [Game]

The Great Ditto Hunt ~ 1st Shannonz - 2nd Place Anthrazit [Game]

The Big Whale Hunt 1st Shannonz - 2nd Place EfronX [Game]

Shuppet's RNG Summit 1st Tensala - 2nd Place Gullen [Game]




Little Cup League #10 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EfronX - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP] 

Double Trouble Tournament #14 [Doubles] ~Bracket~ 1st Place EYL - 2nd Place Redav [PVP]

Binging the Bin Juice [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Lake Of Ragequit #2 [Doubles]  ~ Bracket~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place DoctorPBJ [PVP]

You! Are a star! [OU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place yosoyarca - 2nd Place PikachuKetchum [PVP]

From Head to Hand [NU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place moisessss - 2nd Place Mnemosyne [PVP]

Qwilfish's Water Clash [NU]  ~ Bracket~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place Jostarr [PVP]

Lavender's Conquest [OU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place geniculata - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP]

Pike's STAB Tournament [OU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place Zigh - 2nd Place Aerun [PVP]

Perry's late nights #3 [UU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place moisessss [PVP]

Friday Night Throwdown VIII [NU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place Takens - 2nd Place Rynners [PVP]

The True Mariachi Dance [OU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place Cogeid - 2nd Place ZhikoDark [PVP]

Crobat's Lost Cave [UU] Bracket1st Place giantpipe - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP] 

Friday Night Throwdown IX [NU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Place GiftOfGod [PVP]

Perry's late nights #4 [NU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place moisessss [PVP]

Will UU go to the Prom with me? No U #3 [Tag Team] ~ Bracket1st Place SweeTforU & Cogeid - 2nd Place Suneet & Forfiter [PVP]

NU Leaderboard Tournament #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]

A Walk in the Parke [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place EagleWR [PVP]

Miss Me Baby One More Time [UU] ~ Bracket 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd DestructX [PVP]



Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Fishing Championship 2017 - Part 3 ~ 1st OrangeManiac - 2nd Place Wailmund [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster #3 ~ Winners [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #10 ~ Winners [Game]

Fishing Championship 2017 - Part 4 ~ 1st VadimEmpoleon - 2nd Place muskeBLUE [Game]

PokeMMO's Water Fight ~ 1st YaBoiSal - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [Game]

Fishing Championship 2017 - Part 5 ~ 1st TiToooo - 2nd Place Jwongsta [Game]

Finding Soul Mates! #7 ~ Winners [Game]

The Getaway-Care #14 ~ Winners [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #11 ~ Winners [Game]

Why you Jouk me? - Hide n Seek ~ Winners [Game]

Slugma's Secret Hunt ~ 1st JordiaWilson - 2nd Place KallBaynne [Game]

Not nearly Panda ~ 1st Raddevil - 2nd Place Raederz [Game]

Zehkar Goes Beep Beep ~ Winners [Game]

...and a happy new Bear! ~ 1st Place KirinX - 2nd Place Crimar [Game]

Gulpin Come Home ~ 1st Place adamesh - 2nd Place Tranzmaster [Game]

Music Gym Battle ~ Winners 1st Place AshisCatchin - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [Game]




Surskit's Water Walk [NU]  ~ Bracket~ 1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place Oltann [PVP]

Don't be a Party Wooper #2 [UU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

Little Cup League #9 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lazaaro - 2nd Place Takens [PVP] 
NU Rumble #6 ~ Bracket~ 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]

Ninjask's NU race [NU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Zigh [PVP]

Who will be the strongest [OU] ~ Bracket~ 1st Place Evlgoon - 2nd Place YubeLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]
A Rocky Way [UU]  ~ Bracket~ 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place xSparkie [PVP]
Meowth's Little Cup Madness [LC] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Cubone's Revenge [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LifeStyle - 2nd Place belieberboy [PVP]

Breloom's Forest Throwdown [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

Take it Slow, Bro: Oceanic Edition [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place VadimEmpoleon [PVP]

Queen of the Hill [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BurntZebra - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

NU Rumble #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Axellgor - 2nd Place ihatos [PVP]

Mind Games ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place MurcielagoSV - 2nd Place Cryska [PVP]

Whiscash's Wild Water Showdown ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP]

Perry's late nights ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place sweendog [PVP]



Poochyena's Dog Party ~ 1st Place nickpra - 2nd Place WayAbove [Game]

Fishing Championship 2017 - Part 2 ~ 1st Place LightSoulz - 2nd Place Jwongsta [Game]

Find a Friend: Expert Hunter Edition ~ Winners [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster ~ Winners [Game]

The Getaway-Care #12 ~ Winners [Game]

Finding Soul Mates #6 ~ Winners [Game] 

The Getaway-Care #13 ~ Winners [Game]

Pokemon Mansion Trouble! ~ 1st Place Anthrazit - 2nd Place xxxreinerxxx [Game]

PokeMMO's Flower Show ~ 1st Place Horder - 2nd Place Intor [Game]

Bellsprout's Sweet Scent ~ 1st Place Katzukiangel - 2nd Place MariasSparda [Game]

Mr. Fuji's Disaster #2 ~ Winners [Game]

Fishing Championship 2017 - Part 1 ~ 1st Place Aerun - 2nd Place Toxiica [Game]

Viridian Forest Hunt ~ 1st Place XyLiveInJungleyX - 2nd Place Hitorigoto [Game]




Tentacool's Cool Tournament [UU] ~Bracket ~1st Place Frags - 2nd Place PikachuKetchum [PVP]

Swinub's Taiga Showdown [NU] ~ Bracket ~1st Place Redav - 2nd Place Belieberboy [PVP]

Friday Night Throwdown VII [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Yubelllllllllll - 2nd Place Artemiseta  [PVP]

NU Rumble #4 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place pachima [PVP]

Linoone's High Noon [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place chechof - 2nd Place BullDogBlue [PVP]

Crobat's Cave Rumble [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place Mlhawk  - 2nd Place Predakiller [PVP]

Perry's late nights #1 Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place AnibaI [PVP] 

Flying PokéBalls [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place yaritan [PVP] 

Little Cup League #8 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place Mkns [PVP] 

Marill's Bubble Party [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place SejuaniSupport [PVP]  

Hoppip's NU Doubles Battle ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lkrenz - 2nd Place aftershocker [PVP]  

Someone Has Been Eating Their Spinach [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Raaidn - 2nd Place Wiriketchup [PVP]  

Swinub's Taiga Showdown [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Redav - 2nd Place Belieberboy [PVP] 

OU Leaderboard Tournament #2 Bracket ~ 1st Place iniyasha - 2nd Place geniculata [PVP]

Donphan's Rollout [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Mirfos [PVP]



Finding Soul Mates #4 ~ Winners [Game] 

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #8 ~ Winners [Game]

You Dumbsparce! ~ Winners [Game]

It's Getting Hot in Here ~ 1st Place RenYuu - 2nd Place RyukoNotsunaga [Game]

PokeMMO's Most Haunted ~ 1st Place Broscut - 2nd Place MestrePorkemon [Game]

The Getaway-Care #11 Winners [Game]

The Joy of Painting ~ 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd Place RSHOGUN [Game]

What's In The Box? ~ Winners [Game]

Finding Soul Mates #5 ~ Winners [Game]

The Hunt for the Golden Nose Winners [Game]

Gorebyss' Deep Abyss 1st Place JanLan - 2nd Place MarieJoanne [Game]

Safari Shakedown ll: "Electric" Boogaloo ~ 1st Place IrriOn - 2nd Place Ploegy [Game]

Prof. Dogwood's Endless Quest #9 ~ Winners [Game]

Tangela's Camouflage ~ 1st Place muskeBLUE - 2nd DreamQuest [Game]




Who is the King? [Monotype Tournament] Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place PinkLabel [PVP]

Are you ready to Rock? [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place yosoyarca [PVP]

Dusclop's Haunted Mansion [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Esttefi - 2nd Place xSparkie [PVP]

NU Rumble #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lifestyle - 2nd Place Forfiter [PVP]

Friday Night Throwdown [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Wiriketchup [PVP]

Will UU go to the Prom with me? [Tag Team] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LeJovi & NikhilR - 2nd Place Raptori & BlueBreath [PVP]

Pass through the Spider Web [LC] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

Steelix's Gold Mine [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place Mlhawk - 2nd Place Aftershocker [PVP]

Krabby's Celebration Fiesta [NU] Bracket ~ 1st Place Lifestyle - 2nd Place Schuchty [PVP]

Little Cup League #7 Bracket ~ 1st Place TheDrakeHope - 2nd Place Lifestyle [PVP]

Oceanic 2017 #3 [Doubles] Bracket ~ 1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place NataliaHeart [PVP]

Spheal's Big Suprise [NU] Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place SoyHector [PVP]

The Forbidden Types [OU] Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place Elcoolio [PVP]

Quite an Oddish Plant [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place Yosoyarca [PVP]

NU Rumble #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Axellgor- 2nd Place DoubleJ [PVP]

NU Leaderboard Tournament #1 Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Axellgor[PVP]

Meditites Meditation Training [OU] Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]



Finding Soul Mates #2 Winners [Game]

Team Scavenger Hunt: Colour Edition ~ 1st Place Juicy SÄSS: Flavawhat, DynamicPyro, NataliaHeart & Raptori [Game]

Prof.Doogwood's Endless Quest 7 ~ Winners [Game]

The Great PokeMMO Bug Hunt ~ 1st Place Haxelt - 2nd Place Liiaa [Game]

Fishing Zone Winners [Game]

The Nidoran Duo's Double Kick ~ 1st Place Samoerai - 2nd Place enchanteur [Game]

Hide and Seek Winners [Game]

The Getaway-Care #10 Winners [Game]

Hide and Seek ~ Winners [Game]

Finding Soul Mates #3 Winners [Game]

Magnemite's Power Plant Mishap ~ 1st Place Risadex - 2nd Place kemaric [Game]

Rattata Rescue ~ 1st Place MasterKakashi - 2nd Place GergFalerg [Game]

Trivia with Zehkar and Ruak ~ Winners [Game]

Bait or Rock? ~ Winners [Game]



A New Perspective: Writing Contest ~ Winners ~ 1st Place Kindled - 2nd Place WolfgangDamien - 3rd Place Moetal [Forum]




Elecktrike's Thunderbolt [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Artemiseta [PVP]

Catch by the Fin [Little Cup] Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place Enchanteur [PVP]

In a Pinch [OU] ~ 1st Place Raptori - 2nd Place Pablobacas [PVP] 

The Battle Erupts [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Walpayer [PVP]

Take it Slow, Bro! #3 [OU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place AntiWall - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

Quite a Shock [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Parke [PVP]

Baltoy's Rotation Arena [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Craneo - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

Don't be a party Wooper [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place giantpipe - 2nd Place Wolfgun [PVP]

Hariyama's Dojo Showdown [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Guerinf - 2nd Place YubeLLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

Turn on the Light [UU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place giantpipe - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]

Oceanic 2017 #2 [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place Raaidn [PVP]

Little Cup League #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Yaritan - 2nd Place Cootje [PVP]

Corphish's Battle Royale ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BurntZebra - 2nd Place Predakiller [PVP]

KingDroubles [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place Lifestyle [PVP]

NU Rumble ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place JhowCrazy - 2nd Place Axellgor [PVP]

UU Leaderboard Tournament #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Elcoolio - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]



Unown Spelling Bee Winners [Game]

Fish a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

The Getaway-Care #8 ~ Winners [Game]

Fishing for a Valentine? ~ 1st Place Tzet - 2nd Place Toboru [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Bait or Rock? ~ Winners [Game]

Living Life in the Clouds ~ 1st Place oNYKOo - 2nd Place Spectronix [Game]

The Getaway-Care #9 ~ Winners [Game]

Duck Hunt ~ 1st Place muskeBLUE - 2nd Place Sebasfuego [Game]

Finding Soul Mates #1 ~ Winners [Game]

An Alolan Aloha ~ 1st Place Rynners - 2nd Place Chimpayy [Game]




A Need to Run [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Losing My Head [OU] Bracket ~ 1st Place TslMania - 2nd Place Schweinteiger [PVP]

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Batman [Doubles] Bracket ~ 1st Place DoctorPBJ - 2nd Place Lkrenz [PVP]

Spinda's Uncertain Dance [Metronome] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Pinklabel [PVP]

UUber Felix [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP]

Double Trouble Tournament #12 [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LordOfAngmar - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

Dont Throw Stones in Glass Houses [Little Cup] Bracket ~ 1st Place belieberboy - 2nd Place Guerinf [PVP]

Who Let The Dogs Out? [NU] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Shuchty - 2nd Place NikhilR [PVP]

Ring My Bells [NU] Bracket ~ 1st Place Wolfgun - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

Oceanic 2017 #1 [UU] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place Wiriketchup - 2nd Place Lifestyle [PVP]

Little Cup League #5 ~ Bracket ~  1st Place Frags - 2nd Place SweeTforU [PVP]

Roselia's Battle Garden [NU] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place BurntZebra - 2nd Place Pacc [PVP]

ExeggCup [UU] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place pachima - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

ZangOUse's Revenge [OU] ~ Bracket ~  1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place Lifestyle [PVP]

Double Trouble Tournament #13 [Doubles] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP] 

OU Leaderboard Tournament #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Erayne [PVP]

Mama Mia! [Monotype Tournament] ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gluumac - 2nd Place LeJovi [PVP]

Pass Through The Spider Web ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place OrangeManiac - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]



Unown Anagrams ~ Winners [Game]       

Fishing Contest #1 ~ 1st Place BillaBong - 2nd Place ImmortalTrainer [Game]

My Horse Is Amazing ~ 1st Place KallBayne - 2nd Place Yangsam [Game]

Transformer's Time! ~ 1st Place ElDanny - 2nd Place BlackPredator [Game]

This Is Divetastic ~ 1st Place Grizlee - 2nd Place Jaawax [Game]

Hide & Seek ~ Winners [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Beautifly's Beauty Contest ~ Winners [Game]  

Who's That Pokemon? #7 ~ Winners [Game]

Grand Theft Poochy ~ 1st Place tiMX - 2nd Place Akles [Game]   



Define the Sturdy ~ Winners ~ 1st Place SodaNaranja - 2nd Place Lyouie - 3rd Place Debuti [Forum]

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NU Years Eve! Bracket ~ 1st Place gbwead - 2nd Place TheFireLion [PVP]

Drowzee's Wake Up Call [UU] Bracket ~ 1st Place Wiriketchup - 2nd Place Forfiter [PVP]

Lucky Elf Coin Flip Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place Oltann [PVP]

Christmas Pine Tournament #2 Bracket ~ 1st Place Raaidn - 2nd Place ROITTH [PVP]

There is No Spoon [Doubles] Bracket ~ 1st Place DoubleJ - 2nd Place OrangeManiac [PVP]

Tropius' Beach Party Bracket ~ 1st Place BurntZebra - 2nd Place yosoyarca [PVP]

Little Cup League #4 Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Rynners [PVP]

Oceanic OU December Bracket ~ 1st Place FlareBlitzz - 2nd Place EVlLJUDGE [PVP]

Slime Time! Bracket ~ 1st Place ErickCp - 2nd Place SidClassic [PVP]

Christmas Pine Tournament Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place Aspiration [PVP]

PokeMMO Puppy Patrol Bracket ~ 1st Place belieberboy - 2nd Place kinao [PVP]

It's Not All Doom & Gloom ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gbwead - 2nd Place ZDFire [PVP]

Feel the Wrath! Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place DiDidIStutter [PVP]

Just A Prank Tier ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place XxxDragonDarkxxX - 2nd Place DanRDx [PVP]

Double Trouble Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Phobosz - 2nd Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL [PVP]

 Irrelephant Thuursday~ Bracket 1st Place Lifestyle - 2nd Place gbwead [PVP]



You wont Weedle out of this one! ~ 1st Place Pirc - 2nd Place enmb [Game]

Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

Christmas Scavenger Hunt ~ 1st Place blckdraak [Game]

Hide and Seek ~ Winners [Game]

Reindeer Games ~ Winners [Game]

The Bug Life Chose Me! ~ Winners [Game]

Who's That Pokemon? #6 ~ Winners [Game]

Any Fin Is Possible #4 ~ Winners [Game]



Encounters: Short Story Contest ~ Winners [Forum]




Flight Academy! ~ 1st Place Huaikisound - 2nd Place DarkSteelY [PVP]

Do-Si-Doubles ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place overToasted [PVP]

Actual NeverUsed Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place xSparkie - 2nd Place FlavaWhat [PVP]

Little Cup League #3 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KiiritoX - 2nd Place Dreico [PVP]

It's A Critical Hit! ~ 1st Place Welklen - 2nd Place JoseUmbreon [PVP]

Oceanic OU November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Walpayer - 2nd Place Takens [PVP]

Kizhaz Doubles Up ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place XPLOZ - 2nd Place Guerinf [PVP]

Kizhaz the Blues ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place Sebat [PVP]

[OU] Take it Slow Bro #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place belieberboy - 2nd Place Kevola [PVP]

UU Pink Claws ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place SoyHector [PVP]

UU Starshower ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]

Kizhaz a Bone to Pick with You ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place Walpayer [PVP]

Oceanic NU Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place giantpipe - 2nd Place Walpayer [PVP]



Find a Friend ~ Winners [Game]

 Who's That Pokemon ~ Winners [Game]

Gluttonous Gulpin ~ 1st Place Kaerisaki - 2nd Place MaatthewMLG - 3rd Place Stelian - 4th Place KidTheMystery [Game]

Hide and Seek ~ Winners [Game]

I Need Some Space ~ Winners [Game]

Expert Catchers Wanted! ~ 1st Place Staggiie - 2nd Place Kriliin [Game]

Hide & Seek! ~ Winners [Game]




Oceanic OU October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SpartacusGD - 2nd Place pachima [PVP]

Magbrawl Mini Series ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place BlueBreath - 3rd Kriliin - 4th OrangeManiac [PVP]

Kizhaz Sprouted ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlackJovi - 2nd Place StriderXD [PVP]

Dusclop's Trick House ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Steelix's UU Clash ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gbwead - 2nd Place Yangsam [PVP]

Doubles Down Under ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags - 2nd Place SweeTforU [PVP]

Taillow's Late Night Flight ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Mlhawk [PVP]

Little Cup League #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YettoDie - 2nd Place EpicVerde [PVP]

The Blob Tourney ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place AnGeLOrGuLloSo - 2nd Place Raptori [PVP]

A Tasty Cep ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Walpayer - 2nd Place LifeStyle [PVP]



Encounters - Shortstory Writing Contest ~ Winners [Game]

False Swipe Contest ~ 1st Place Mayuuuuuyuuuuuuu - 2nd Place Pirc [Game]

Any Fin Is Possible #3 ~ Winners [Game]

The Great PokeMMO Ghost Hunt #2 ~ Winners [Game]

Daycare Dilemma ~ Winners [Game]

Hide and Seek! ~ Winners [Game]

Who's That Pokemon? #4 ~ Winners [Game]

Find a Friend 27 ~ Winners [Game]

Free Wailmy 1st Place whilt - 2nd Place BlackJovi [Game]



Define the Fury ~ Winners 1st Place Lyouie - 2nd Place Moetal [Forum]




Unbearable Fight! ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Artemiseta [PVP]

UU Got A Problem, Punk? ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place EpicVerde - 2nd Place Rachoou [PVP]

Little Cup League ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Dreico - 2nd Place Jeiseun [PVP]

Swablu's Alliance ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Mlhawk - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

It's Net the Time or the Plaice ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Schuchty & Xilias - 2nd Place SweeTforU & DarylDixtonTWD [PVP]

Whiscash's Wild Water Rapids ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lazaaro - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

Haunter's Trick House ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place giantpipe - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

 Ludi's Double Dance Off ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Kevola - 2nd Place Lkrenz [PVP]

Oceanic OU September Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place enchanteur - 2nd Place giantpipe [PVP]

Baratheon NU Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place yangsam - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

[UU] Shock Therapy ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place ZDFire - 2nd Place Schuchty [PVP]

Great Deku Shiftree ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Kevola [PVP]

The Three Beaksketeers ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DragonDemonio - 2nd Place Takens [PVP]

Claydol's Sunday Evening Brawl ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place LKrenz - 2nd Place Bluejim [PVP]

Sneasel's Swift UU Showdown ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place Giantpipe [PVP]

Marowak's Doubles Club ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place XPLOZ - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

Kyu's Awesome Tourney 2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place FABBROoo - 2nd Place Walpayer [PVP]

The Incredible M'Champ ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place BlueBreath [PVP]

Raichu's Electrifying Karaoke ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SweeTforU - 2nd Place Takens [PVP]

Makuhita's Metronome Melee ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DarylDixonTWD - 2nd Place DoctorPBJ [PVP]



Team Rocket Trio's Last Chance ~ 1st Place Timanu - 2nd Place BelieberBoy [Game]

A Fiery Path ~ 1st Place oNYKOo - 2nd Place Neferi [Game]

Catching With Class #3 ~ Winners [Game]

Explorer's Needed ~ 1st Place Bucmow - 2nd Place Kaoth [Game]

Alert: Low Battery! ~ 1st Place Yaritan - 2nd Place Tranzmaster [Game]

Find a Friend 26 ~ Winners [Game]

Time to Steel the Spotlight ~ 1st Place Ilostmykeyys - 2nd Place Joaculi [Game]

Mt Moon Pokemon Pursuit ~ 1st Place MitchGymLeader - 2nd Place DarylDixonTWD [Game]

Kek the Kecleon's Hide and Seek ~ Winners [Game]

Hoenn Ghost Hunt ~ 1st Place Enchanteur - 2nd Place IceDevimon [Game]

Who's That Pokemon? #3 ~ Winners [Game]




Taking 'Em By The Horn ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place StriderXD - 2nd Place Giantpipe[PVP]

Fearow's Bird Nest ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place NikhilR - 2nd Place LKrenz [PVP]

Azumarill's Pool Party ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Guerinf - 2nd Place Epicverde [PVP]

Oceanic UU August Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lazaaro - 2nd Place FABBROoo [PVP]

Star of the OU Show ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place lAlejandrol - 2nd Place Frags [PVP]

Dang, A Shiny Bush ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL - 2nd Place Raptori [PVP]

Kingler's Beach Party ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Lazaaro - 2nd Place KaynineXL [PVP]

Take It Slow Bro ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gbwead - 2nd Place KaynineXL [PVP]

Snubbull's Puppy Show ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Sebat - 2nd Place Pyrolia [PVP]

Will UU go to the Prom with me? ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Frags & Giantpipe - 2nd Place YubeL & BurntZebra [PVP]

UU Strikes Again ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Lake of Ragequit ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Kevola - 2nd Place enchanteur [PVP]

Torkoal's Hot Spring ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place SejuaniSupport - 2nd Place BurntZebra [PVP]

Another Summer Showdown ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - 2nd Place Michaelxten [PVP]

The Amazing Doubles Showdown ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place KaynineXL - 2nd Place DoctorPBJ [PVP]

Houndoom's Hellish Tournament ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Walpayer - 2nd Place Xilias [PVP]