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can i make 2 requests?


Name Deadwind

Render Shiny Slowbro (beach as bg would be nice)


Name Deadwind

Render Venomoth


Donation 200k




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Name: Nobar

Team(optional): [LYLE]

Render: lelouch from code geass

How much money you're paying me for these free sigs: 6969

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Hey plat, I want a sig please


Name: Aerun

Team(optional): VVVV

Render: Shiny Venusaur

Donations: I'm poor but if you really want a donation I can island run for you bby




E: I'm not in rush at all so you can take all your time, just do my sig when you have free time I guess

Edited by Aerun

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Name: LifeStyle

Team(optional): RNSC

Render: Itachi Uchiha (Anbu) - Pic below would be lit



Donations: Free? Nah, 50k

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Just now, Platoons said:

nah fam I'm dead.  ask tor to do it lmao

oh no, i dont wanna have to make them. Is ploegy dead?


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