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[Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace (OPEN DUE TO RECESSION)


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Revived for the 100th time (8/10/2020) Fill out a template, maybe i'll make it. Donations make me work harder   Template:   Old sigs I've made  

@BlackJovi Farmer Jovi lmao

Only art thats been done in weeks that involves me  

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Hi! I saw your sigs and they're really cool. I'm new to the forums and was hoping I could get one.


Name: Vegeta


Render: Vegeta (preferably Super Saiyan God)

Donations: 50k


Thank you!


Increased my donation from 25k to 50k. I really want one of these!

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Name: FlowX

Team(optional): ÐK

                                                                                   Render: shanks one piece

Donations: 20k

Edited by FlowX
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