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[Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace (OPEN DUE TO RECESSION)


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Revived for the 100th time (8/10/2020) Fill out a template, maybe i'll make it. Donations make me work harder   Template:   Old sigs I've made  

@BlackJovi Farmer Jovi lmao

Only art thats been done in weeks that involves me  

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If you dudes could mail me those donations, that'd be awesome! IGN is the same as my forums name






Xenonbrah i tried for like 15 mins to get that Z to go behind your name and i just couldn't do it,

hope this is alright for ya!




Everyone else, Sigs will be finished sometime tomorrow afternoon!



Thanks ! IG name?

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Need a quality one

Name : EazyDog.

Team: AvE

Render: Some badass (nonshiny) metagross smashing something - or any kind of motion that looks cool.

(maybe highlight the red eyes a little bit, like glowing)

 In the background something with a little bit of red colour like a destroyed/burned ciity or idk anything like that .

Donation: 100k quick pls , 150k if today and it looks nice

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Plaboons, I made myself a sig instead of mooching from others.


Thoughts? I tried to get those little dots in the background that you use on yours, but I forgot the name of them, so I went with mist.


What can I do better? what did I do wrong?

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Hi! I saw your sigs and they're really cool. I'm new to the forums and was hoping I could get one.


Name: Vegeta


Render: Vegeta (preferably Super Saiyan God)

Donations: 25k


Thank you!

Edited by Vegeta
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