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[Sig] [Art] Plat's Art Palace (OPEN DUE TO RECESSION)


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Moving into my new house this week and won't have internet until Monday, SO requests will be postponed until then.

Also heres a fox sig I made

background was blurred to much, but was to lazy to go back and fix it


Fox ain't even good

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Ohh. I see. Gonna make a request still.
Name: Viciou
Team(optional): Mr.
Render: Linoone
Donation: 30k

I can tell you right now, after looking at the linoone renders, the sig will look like shit, so if you pick another render that'd be great.


Name: Yung Based Lord
Render: Primeape
Donations: 50k

Your name makes me cringe.



Name: DarylDixon Twd

Team: RNSC

Render: Shiny Luxray 

Donation: 20k

Couldn't find a good render that'll look right with the sig. Pick another render 



Name: LifeStyle

Team: RNSC

Render: Sneasel (With some dank sunglasses if possible)

Donation: 100k


Swag me the fuck out


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