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The Great PokeMMO Ghost Hunt (October 24)

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A friend of mine tried to post his IGN, but he has no permissions to see Event Posts (?). His IGN is Daril, can he enter in the event?

I got him now. Make sure your friend has a forum account.


I was not exactly sure how this list worked as it said "Hypno 37,40".  So then I went to route 11 and caught this Hypno in level 20 and it does not match any of the levels on your list.
I was requested to post an image of it on this thread by Noad in-game.


As stated in the OP, it must be one of the levels specified in the list of eligible Pokemon.


Additionally, the event does not start for another 1 hour and 45 minutes. There is no need to start hunting now. If you are caught attempting to enter any Pokemon not caught after the event starts and before the event ends you will be disqualified. If you are disqualified you will not have the opportunity to submit a new entry, you will be stricken from the list. You will have 1 hour to catch an eligible Pokemon once the event starts.

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I just posted about an hour ago that the event started in 45 minutes. You still have ~30 minutes to catch your entry.

It's the second time we try to be up at 1am because of your timings. So i'm begging you to f****** respect it. You started this 1 hour earlier than we expected and this is getting very annoying.

I am rude but guess what, it's late. I'm sorry, I hope you understand my frustration and that you'll be a little more careful about this for the upcoming events. I suggest when you noticed you made a mistake in the main page of the event, at least change it even if it's after the start of the event so we have a chance not to waste our time too much.


From a random pokemmo user.

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