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PokeMMO Tier Council and Official Tier Policies


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PokeMMO Tier Council and Official Tier Policies


Here you will find all the information you should need on how tiering works in PokeMMO. Please ensure that you read this before posting your contributions in any of the threads in this section. If you have any questions please feel free to message a Tier Council Staff Member (Munya and Darkshade)


Official Tier Council Organisation


The official tier council is made up of players who were selected on their competitive knowledge and contributions to past and present tier discussions. These players will monitor all 3 tiers and it is their job to recognise any potentially centralising Pokemon and if necessary remove them from the tier. They are also responsible for addressing players who come forward with suggestions regarding the meta in terms of tiering. Both of these tasks will be aided in the use of public tier discussions posted in this section to garner discussion and feedback from the community. Tier discussions are also a chance for the Tier Council to communicate their stance and respond to any critique or counter arguments (always in a positive and respectful way).


Each member has one legitimate vote when it comes to deciding if a Pokemon should remain or be banned from a tier, there are seven members to ensure that there are no instances of "deadlock". To ensure that the Tier Council has a clear line of communication, a Tier Council sub forum was created as a platform for them to discuss Pokemon and aspects of the meta together in a private environment. This does not mean that they will no longer take part in public tier discussion and frequently posts from the Tier Council sub forum will be shared publicly as a way to include the community.

We feel that merging the council in this way is a beneficial step for PokeMMO and it's competitive community and will allow for a more diverse metagame overlooked by individuals who can all offer different but equally qualified outlooks on tiering.


Tier Council Roster











Council members are chosen based on competitive knowledge, ability to discuss with good argumentation, being able to abide by the current tier policies. If you have any concerns about a certain council member your first line of communication should be the overseeing staff members for the tier council.


Official Tier Policies


Tiering will continue to be usage based following a usage cycle of 3 months with 1.7% to move down, 6.7% to move up for the first 2, and with a cut-off point of 4.36% in the third month of a cycle. Changes will be made to the three tiers every month depending on if Pokemon fall below or above the cut-off point. All official usage can be found in this thread.


The council will abide by the following protocol regarding bans and reversing any bans:



Standard Bans


Standard bans will be made through the following process:


1.     A community member or the tier council suggests and opens a discussion thread on a pokemon or an aspect of the competitive metagame (i.e. move, ability, etc.)

2.     The community and tier council discuss the aspects of the aforementioned pokemon, move, ability, etc for a period of at least one week

3.     After a period of at least one week of discussion, the tier council will vote whether to ban the nominated pokemon, move, ability, etc

4.     When the decision is made, the council will post in the thread and notify the community of the decision. The post will provide the reasons behind the ban.

5.     No subsequent bans will be made for a period of at one month after the ban was announced in order for the tier to stabilize after the change



Quick Bans


Quick bans will be made when a certain aspect (be it a Pokémon, an ability, a move, an item or a combination of the aforementioned) of the metagame becomes so blatantly broken that passing it through a formal discussion period would be a waste of time and effort for everyone. This is used emergently and should be used sparingly. From now on, quick bans will be made according to the following circumstances:


1.     Before the council makes any decisions, a thread will be posted in Competition Alley, so that everyone will get the chance to weigh in and potentially influence the decision. There is no time requirement for keeping the thread open prior to a decision. The thread simply serves the purpose of notifying the community that a ban is likely imminent. Note that there does not necessarily need to be action after the thread is opened, a quickban could still be handed down weeks after the creation of the thread if for some reason the council feels the need to wait before making a decision.

2.     In the OP of the thread, and in comments by community members, there should be at least one mention of the quick ban so that the community knows it is being discussed.

3.     When the decision is made, the council will post in the thread and notify the community of the decision. The post will provide the reasons behind the ban. 


Suspect Tests


Suspect tests will be the standard protocol for handling other bans and unbans that the tier council is unsure of or split on. Suspect tests are typically used for aspects of “unhealthy-ness” or “uncompetitive-ness” that are difficult to identify. Suspect tests will last approximately one month each and will abide by the following procedure:

1.     The council identifies a potentially unhealthy aspect of the metagame and posts a discussion thread about it in the competitive alley forum. The purpose for this is to see what the community, at large, thinks.

2.     If there's enough demand for a suspect test, the council announces a suspect test. The suspect test will be a temporary ban lasting approximately one month, or more if necessary. During this time the community and council members will be able to observe the effects of the temporary ban and see if the metagame is in fact healthier or not. The community may be polled to ask for opinions, but these opinions will not dictate any decision. Instead, the Tiering Council will come to a decision by weighing the changes in usage stats, arguments from community members and established tiering policy, most of which are established and upheld by Smogon.

3.     If the suspect is voted out by a clear majority in Council member votes, it will be banned from the metagame.

4.     When the decision is made, the council will post in the thread and notify the community of the decision. The post will provide the reasons behind the ban.

5.     There will be a one-month waiting period between suspect tests to ensure that the metagame becomes settled. A quick ban may still be made in the month following a suspect test in the case that the ban is both necessary and timely, but this will result in extending the suspect ban to assess the tier with the changes that were made through a quick ban.



Reversing a Prior Ban

In order to reverse a prior ban, the community or tier council must suggest a discussion thread be opened. Once opened, a discussion will take place for a period of at least one week. If necessary, a suspect test will be started in order to assess the metagame with the previous ban added. This suspect test will abide by the aforementioned rules. No bans may be reversed during a suspect test. After at least one week of discussion and when the tier council feels comfortable moving on to a vote, a decision will be made with a majority ruling. When the decision is made, the council will post in the thread and notify the community of the decision. The post will provide the reasons behind the reversing the ban or not.


Tier Discussion Moderation

Discussion threads will now be a lot more heavily moderated than before, off topic or derailing posting will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will receive forum warnings if they do not comply with the posting rules of this sub section. We recommend you read Senile's guide to discussion etiquette and the Competition Alley rules before you start posting in this section.

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