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First team you ever joined?

Team Work!  

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  1. 1. Why did you join/create a team?

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First one I joined was [VALE]


I currently own a team now


What was yours?


Also, to add unto this topic, whats your catch phrase?


Mine is:


[spoiler]GO GO POWER RANGERS tumblr_mhv3f4Nz7E1s1popdo1_400.gif.[/spoiler] 


I usually say that when I am playing a team based game and the round starts. :D 

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I'd have to dig up an old bracket to remember the name, basically my friend who introduced me to the game got in this team then got me in it. Only person I remember that was also on the team was that ooieooieoo(or whatever) guy that used to comp back then

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wel since i dont remember anything from before my return this years ima start fresh. But i was in team LOST  with blockbyblock for a while


I was on the old team KØ Chaos, but the owner when inactive, so i went pretty much teamless for a while. The i joine VALE, then left, and currently in team LøLL

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RIP in piece BlockbyBlock.


Fuck the scammers who ruined the whole team and gave it a bad name.

Blockbyblock was such a nice guy, I remember watching his stream years ago. He was the one who got me into PokeMMO.

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