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[Implemented] Increase hotkey?!


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Falling back upon an earlier suggestion in Munya's thread: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/57597-stack-count-on-hotkey-bar/#entry1145296
Where Daft encouraged me to suggest this (lazy guy)
Where i mentioned that increasing the hotkeybar is the best course of action: "Conclusion make more hotkeys to make this idea effective"
Where Daft pointed out why this would be a good idea:

This actually isn't a bad idea, you should make a post about it(If one hasn't already been made).  I've often been in a situation where I fill up my hotkey bar(VS Seeker, Map, Fishing Pole, Other Fishing Pole, Repel Leppa/other item) and have to keep switching items in the bar.
Also keyboards have 10 number keys, 1-0, and there's enough space to comfortably fit at least 9 hotkey slots on the screen, even on lower laptop resolutions.  Since hotkeys don't activate while the chatbox is focused, I don't see any reason why there shouldn't be more hotkeys right?

like Daft pointed out there is enough place for up to 9 hotkeys which would make our lives just a little bit easier

Btw i didnt bother to check if there are/were earlier suggestion about this. So sue me if there are/were
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