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[Translation] PokeMMO client Interlingua

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Hello, I made this translation of the PokeMMO client into Interlingua long time ago and I thought I might share it with y'all in case someone is interested or finds it useful. It is the version 0.3 so it is still a partial translation but playable enough. Feel free to contact me for any question of suggestion y'all might have :).

[Interlingua] Salutes! io faceva iste traduction del cliente de PokeMMO a Interlingua alicun annos antea e io ha pensate que io potera compartirlo hic :D. Forsan on pensa que illo es util o interessante. Iste es le version 0.3 e non es complete totevia ma es assatis jocabile. Si tu ha questiones o sugerentias, per favor, contacta me :) 

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zqstb79dmhahelc/strings_ia.xml?dl=0

I hope you like it :).

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