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[Denied][INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE] Let's add this word to the Profanity Filter


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Just report them

Sadly its not that simple
Reporting them doesnt take away the use of the word
After all what has a mute/ban ever done to stop you from doing it
And i do like the solution given add it to the profanity filter/change it to uguu
It doesnt stop the use but it makes sure that those who want to be protected stay protected
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The problem is that I was muted for "Be appropriate." when I -- quite literally -- only used one word. Maybe ADDING that ONE WORD to the Profanity Filter can protect those who prefer to use foul language, and obviously those who don't want to see it.

I can understand muting for evading the Profanity Filter, and that's great. But I did no such thing. If you read the post, everything that I (xFatex) said is detailed in that first screenshot. From when I got on, to my mute.


And I apologize for all the sarcasm in my post title, but seriously. Getting a 30 minute mute for that one word? GG

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That's not nearly the worst that I've seen to date...


Also can I just add that I love the Spanish speaking players. If you took

Spanish in school, you can easily make a few 100k from them per day.

Spanish School? Tbh you don't need to learn Spanish to talk to Spanish speaking players. Theres a thing called translators 

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This is not a discussion of what is and is not against the rules. How we punish rule breakers is between us and the person being punished. If you suspect someone is breaking the rules you should make use of the report function in game or submit a report via the forums. Furthermore, hentai is inappropriate and discussing it on our services may result in punitive actions being taken against you.

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