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[Money Guide] Island 1 Rock Smash


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Should be safe to say the average of Everstones per hour is around 4~5?

I've been hunting there for a while, but it would be nice to compile some data from other players.


I used to everstone hunt while keeping track of the time.

My average was no more than 8 minutes per stones, around 5 mins x each stone.

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Dropping this here, its 1000 encounters if you didnt get it.
Geodudes:    1000
Helix fossil:       31
Dome Fossil:    36
Old Amber:       31
Everstone:        45
also any good places in Hoenn for rocksmashing? i cant seem to find anywhere with decent amount of rocks thats remotly close to a healing place...


Route 114, there are 2 rocks right next to a secret base. Make that place your secret base(or use a friends). When you walk in and out the rocks are refreshed.

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also any good places in Hoenn for rocksmashing? i cant seem to find anywhere with decent amount of rocks thats remotly close to a healing place...


Not really that I know of but near the one cave entrance on fallarbors side there are a few rocks you can go in and out of the cave to reset instantly.  With a few leppas(or just bike from fallarbor) healing isn't a huge issue.

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Really nice tactic, don't even bother about the Quagsire, imo is Smeargle much better.

Got own lv 80, w/ Payday, Spore, False Swipe & Trick, first 10 tries, 2 everstones & 1 dome fossil.. Maybe lucky, but already a very nice method.

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On 28.5.2016 at 7:06 PM, noder said:

is this better than everstone farmin at team magmas? cuz been dry for a while now

The drop rates on everstones is the same iirc. But It takes more time inbetween the encounters so it might be less efficient. But hard Stones are really rare because gravlers dont show up often, plus you get a decent amount of fossils which is nice. Makes it feil more rewarding.

I prefer rock smashing over magma hideout

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On 9/14/2015 at 6:27 PM, KaynineXL said:

Nice guide, but wouldn't it be smarter to use a Quagsire around level 15, thief the item. This means you don't need to waste Pokeballs and clutter your PC if you forget to release.


Quagsire can use damp ability to stop explode. it isn't very effected by rock, and it's naturally bulky to take magnitudes. Not only this but you can get the egg move 'recover' to stay there for even longer.

You would require the Quagsire to be within 3 levels of the enemy pokemon to use theif effectively, and since the levels will differate between level 13-50.  Best of luck.

Pokemmo changed thief so that if you are using a very strong pokemon (anything higher then 3 levels from the wild pokemon), then the item will break after the match, losing it.

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