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Suggestion Box Reminders



Suggestions Box exists to facilitate the proposal and discussion of additions or changes to the game. With that being said there have been numerous posts being removed due to users not staying within the rules of the section which can be found here.


Rule 2 Clarification

A post is deemed to be off topic when the substance of the post refers to topics outside of the discussion at hand. Posts like this will be removed.


Rule 4 Clarification

This one is the most broken rule in this section. When posting you are required to put effort into making sure your post has substance to it.


If you agree with a suggestion or point, explain why and add to it if needed. If you disagree with a suggestion or point then explain why you disagree with it.

If you cannot explain why you agree with a suggestion or point, simply use the Like button on that post. The same goes for disagreement, except that you should find a post that summarizes your disagreement. +1/-1 posts are simply not allowed.


Along the lines of these posts are posts that consist of nothing but quotes from another user and the word, "This". This also qualifies as a +1/-1 post because it literally only states agreement with the player who posted it. If you do choose to take this route you must satisfy these two requirements for your post to remain:


1) You must explain why you agree with the post.

2) If the post is from a separate discussion you must explain why it is relevant to the current discussion.


Overall Rule Change

The rules were updated some time ago to remove the rule against duplicate suggestion threads. Do not link similar suggestions saying, "This has already been suggested" or the like. You may use your arguments from other threads in related topics and link the thread, but you must explain why that thread relates to the current discussion.



Posts that violate the rules will be removed. If a post just disappears then it has been deemed to be in violation of the rules. There is no need to point this out. Persistent breaking of the rules will result in warnings.

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