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Return of the Clefairy Cup: Metronome's Revenge (September 12)

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The Official Clefairy Cup has returned! Players will go head to head in a battle where the RNG gods will decide their fate. Each player will bring 3 Pokemon from the list below and be limited to only using the move Metronome for the entire battle. Please read the event post carefully to make sure that you understand the rules, if you are confused feel free to ask me.

32 Players
Unlimited Reserves
3v3 Metronome Tournament
Single, Normal Mode Battles
Level 30

Date + Time:
Date: Saturday September 12
Time: 6pm EDT | 10pm GMT


Registration will take place 30 minutes prior to the event starting.
Registration Method: One IGN per user may be posted in this thread on or after the date and time specified above. Edited posts will NOT count as a valid registration. If you have misspelt your IGN, quote the registration and correct it in a separate post. Registration is based on forums time and will be first come, first served. If you are unable to make the tournament please let me know before hand to make roll call on the night go a lot quicker.

Silph Co, Channel 7

Species/Pristine/Self KO/Bag Items (except Pokéballs and Leppa Berries, when prompted by a staff member)
Special Clauses/Rules for this tournament:

  • The only held item allowed for this tournament are Leppa Berries. All Pokemon should come into battle hold a Leppa Berry in case it runs out of Metronome PP. If the Pokemon runs out of PP after the use of the held Leppa Berry, a staff member will instruct you to use another one from your bag. You will not be punished if you forget to equip a Leppa Berry but you will be disqualified if you are found to be using any other held item in this tournament.
  • Taunt and Mean Look/Spider Web/Block: In the rare event that a player rolls Taunt through Metronome, the taunted player must switch out immediately, so they can avoid using moves that arent Metronome. However, in the even rarer event that a player gets Mean Looked/Spider Webbed and then Taunted, a staff member will ask the taunted player to then throw Pokéballs until Taunt wears off.
  • Imprison: If a Pokemon uses Imprison through Metronome it must switch out immediately.
  • Only the use of Metronome is allowed. If you use a move that is not Metronome you will be disqualified.
  • All duels must be run in Normal mode with Self KO Clause checked. http://i.imgur.com/BSIEVXV.png

List of allowed Pokemon:






  • You may press the AFK button at any time.
  • Disconnecting during a match when result in a DQ.
  • Do not block your opponents, or the Staff running the Event. If there is evidence of this and disregarding staff requesting you to unblock said individuals you will be DQ'd.
  • Volpi Clause (requesting to change channels for your matches) will not be allowed for this tournament. Entrants are encouraged to uncheck "Render Overworld in Battle". (Menu -> Settings -> Video).
  • Once your match is called you will have 10 minutes to report to the table. No time extensions will be given.


1st Prize: 313.gif Shiny Gift Comp Volbeat with Metronome


2nd Prize: 500 RP



Host: XelaKebert

Referees: Noad, Musica

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Whoever wins this better show up at all future clefairy cups using this prize in there team.


2 poor to offer anybody anything for blowing up first right now.

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Whoever wins this better show up at all future clefairy cups using this prize in there team.
2 poor to offer anybody anything for
blowing up first right now.

Get gud plz

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Here comes Toast.










Some random screenshots providing informations about the type of person you are going to face




And me, in the meantime...


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