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[MOD] PokeMMO Animated Sprites Battle XY VI Gen [Update 15/02/2016]]

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This mod replaces the battle sprites of mod RaverKai, on which it is based, with the sprite version XY. Unfortunately the mod is still in the works, because the job is a lot, but in the end I can te

New update posted.

Meowth is quite small =)

Not sure if i'm the first one to notify this or if it happens to everyone, but some pokemon show their attack animations in the summary instead of the idle animation, alakazam and gengar for example.


EDIT: Nvm apparently it was intentional lol, nice mod.

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I Love this mod so far few glitch here and there with my pokemon show another for a split second but apart from that mostly fine. Up until this.




Is it meant to be flying below the radar(horizon bar)?

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Hey, quick question. Sooo, I'm new, but I'm a little confused D:

What's the difference between this mod, and [url=https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/56472-mod-animated-battle-sprites-from-xy-oras/]this one posted here[/url]? I'm probably missing something really obvious here. D;

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