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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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Shiny rates back to 1/8k ? I need to login, been way too long since my last OT shiny starter, purple comp mudkip here I come.


If someone finds a shiny mudkip then oh mer fucking gawd ...

I don't usually get jealous of shinys but that I would!!!

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If only he didn't pass attack and instead passed speed.


Yeah because Alakazam is based on sp. atk

tbh I don't think he completed it since the nature, etc ...

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He already evolved it into a Kadabra....Lets just hope he doesn't hand it over to a scammer with the hopes of getting an Alakazam.


Idk hope not , he seems quite smart.

I could imagine some shiny traders trying to rip him off.

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