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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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12 minutes ago, Yoog said:



idk if i can post here, but its my first OT :)

some infos about it: 1.123hours, no donator, single encounter ( no horde)



congratz :))


im in  a desert underpass like 2h and nothing rip xd

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14 minutes ago, Faiyad said:

got a shiny wailmer in alpha sapphire today if that counts most probably wont but shiny hunting is easy as F in new gens :/

Bruh you a champ in hunting and you redeemed your wailmer. Cuz you killed your one in this game kek

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20 minutes ago, AlateaOlwyn said:



Ehm yeah.. I decided to track all encounters since Growlithe..

So I dont need Comeback anymore hahaha :D

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1 hour ago, Parke said:

Fuck you all im quitting

welcome to the family :)

but seriously seeing this thread hurts 

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