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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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Just now, KaynineXL said:

Can you help me convince @Darkshade that we need a yellow birds nest hat in the game now?

I feel like this is a conspiracy, you are not the first to ask me this.

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@Munya @KaynineXL I've also been thinking this. No fun walking around with a shiny swab/alt and having a mismatched bird hat =/ Munya plz. Maybe you have to have an OT swablu to be able to buy it and unable to trade it :D

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13 hours ago, Xenocider said:


Before you uguus rage at me for flareon, just know I only did this for picture purposes. I will be shiny breeding this later into something else.

It's beautiful :)

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