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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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Found this pretty gal

Made in USA (for dusty)   Well guys, about damn time. 15.5 months ago I began breeding shittos+totodiles, about 2 boxes a day at least. I cant even type rn im so god damn happy. Started Apri


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3 minutes ago, PizzaConewe said:

What in the upper right corner is a mod? 

It's an encounter counter. Check out the customization forums for a few different versions. :D

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When I first started pokemmo in 2013 I had one goal, and that was to obtain a shiny Phanpy. Eventually in 2014 after a year+ of searching I found and bought my first one. Ever since then I've been collecting Phanpy's but only recently started collecting shiny ones. At the very beginning my obsession was for a reason, I would level a Phanpy to 100 and give it as a gift to a friend for their birthday, but now I do it because I love tiny elephants.


Finally, after all these years I have obtained the only shiny I will ever care about. Thank you to @TheFrenchiestFryfor the shiny charm boost, I also had a donator on when I found it, but I do not know the encounters. I have been hunting the Phanpy spot on and off for about a year nowRw4m3iZ.png

I might also have a slight addiction.OJoDuJ3.png

Nearly all of the Phanpys in my Phanpy box are friend OT's/people who have sent me one in support of my sanctuary for tiny elephants. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for giving me a Phanpy, the list of people who have given me one whether you remember it or not is down below.



Here is the list, if you would like to add your name to the list feel free to mail me a phanpy IGN-SirDusty

Parke, white, brokenbulb, agis, markoc, paul, kingbowser, matoka, crimar, thebloo, turtle, rache sirozwald, dededoge, awkwaysx4, fred, pinkwings, mayuuuuu, flareblitz, senile, thefirelion, patrouski, striderxd, elcoolio, quakkz, gunthug, ploegy, thefrenchiestfry ,cali and myselfx15~ 

Special shout out to @Minks who when asked for a Phanpy of their OT, sent me a Darmanitan named Donphan.

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