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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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I caught a couple of shiny pokemon over the past few days, just been too lazy to post them.

The first was a shiny ponyta, I caught 4 days ago, it took me 8923 encounters, no donator only +5% from a shiny charmyKHAUkD.png

Shameless plug, I caught this one on my livestream and here is a clip of me catching it on the first premier ball, full hp no sleep. https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyRealNightingaleCoolStoryBro 


The 2nd is a shiny Golbat I got last night, which took me 7,072 encounters, no donator on, only +5% from a shiny charm.uVWkEp4.png



shiny rate is fair.

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Yesterday I went to Lost Cave in the morning to check out what kind of hordes appear there, and in what ratio Murkrows are appearing.

So according to my experience, you have to use 10 Leppas in order to get two hordes of Murkrow, one of which containing a shiny. #SRIF


Omg I have been so incredibly lucky.



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