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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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2 hours ago, jonulo said:





Phase 15  searching shiny bulbasaur

idk encounters

20 OT LussyNL (Alt account)

Do you literally run around and keep running away from every encounter until you find a shiny? 


Spamming hordes with sweet scent and leppa berries can already get very tiresome I can't imagine trying to find a shiny from a single encounter. 


I give you all the hats for your patience and dedication sir. 

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I've had a little more free time lately, and decided to come back for a little bit after being away for practically a year. So far, I've been playing off-and-on for about 4-5 days. I was training some Pokémon for a breed I was requested to make in Sky Pillar, and wound up catching this in about 25 minutes of starting, and about 17 or-so Leppa Berries in. Just too bad it wasn't on any of the bred Pokémon, as several of them were Ralts. But still, a nice welcome back given to me by Jumpeon. Also, S.R.I.F.. :3.:





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