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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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20 minutes ago, pachima said:

all these baby numbers of encounters make me laugh.

All hail SRIF and the guaranteed 1/30k for everyone.

we balance the odds dw

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20 minutes ago, xYouLove said:

WTF.. I dont know whats is going on.. another Shiny Spearow today.
Phase 5
3rd Shiny Spearow (Hunting Shiny Charmander&Magmar)

7 OT
748 Encounters
Team: ORPE 

Sin título.png

Sin título2.png

Sin título.png

I need that kind of luck  (◕o◕)

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so many new hordes, also a lot rares are now easier accessible it seems. also gible hordes :D

Edited by Quakkz

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