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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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14 hours ago, RysPicz said:

Well, I'll tell you my story then.

Year 2014, August. I encounter a shiny tangela after months of searching in a single encounter spots. I went to tangela patch to just get few defense EVs. I killed it in rage.

Year 2015.

Year 2016.

Year 2017. March. After, yeah, 2.5 year and circa 1m encounters total due to my very active game, I encountered a shiny persian. I cried from happiness, but it's not one of the pokes I would keep forever on my account regardless of the offer. @RacheLucario has it now (I presume it still is the best paydayer on the server).

Year 2018. We have almost february. I don't know how many encounters I got clocked, but the "30k" has been probably clocked somewhere around June already. I never got capcha'd in my entire 5 year career.

Jonulo has 42 OT shinies.


Shiny rate is fair

Thx not letting us forget u're unlucky

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13 minutes ago, camilo7 said:


no charmander rip me #25




7 hours ago, Raederz said:

Thx not letting us forget u're unlucky

This is like having a coin, flipping it, and in 20 tries, never see heads tbh(bad example as it's not accurate, but gets the message across I guess). Not saying is impossible, just is really damn hard to see that happen. I still find funny how after 1 day of complaint, me, Terresa and some others found a shiny, but yeah without proof, we can't talk shit if rates are rigged or anything, we got to go by what they say. 

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On 26/1/2018 at 4:36 AM, Toast said:

are u fucking kidding me U HAVENT EVEN BEEN ALIVE????????

What do you mean I'm not alive? I played the "new" Unova storyline 2 days this month before disappearing again!


I miss you too <3


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27 minutes ago, jstory said:

I've seen two different people in Channel 2 post their shiny buizels in chat

question mark?

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29 minutes ago, Adamesh98 said:

Mesh is back!
without donator, 12OT shiny 


Sick ivs to breed and female, congrats o/

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