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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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Found this pretty gal

Made in USA (for dusty)   Well guys, about damn time. 15.5 months ago I began breeding shittos+totodiles, about 2 boxes a day at least. I cant even type rn im so god damn happy. Started Apri

This is all.

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5m... lol


I really wanna see them sell really cheap and then offer something like $60,000,000 (which I don't have but still) , just so I can laugh at their faces when they realise their stupidity...


Then again, they're noobs, they won't realise. Haha.


On topic though, this is the first shiny tropius found, and I would've bought if I didn't have fucking college >.< (back home in 4 hours ffs)

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Are you implying anyone posting a random value here will lead to locking of thread instead of removing that one post? lol




The reason I put '$60,000,000' in my post was because I was hypothetically saying it would be great to put these 'noobs' to shame.


I am intending to keep this post to its subject, and we shouldn't need to go proactively insane over something like this.



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Xela could obviously see the line between discussion and you having just slightly mentioned value considering your first post is still even there. It was just touching that border of too close to being value discussion so he gave a reminder that discussing values isn't allowed.


It's one thing to freak out when staff are actually being retarded faggots, but Xela's warning here was pretty harmless.

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where did that thing go? halp pls


no idea, i saw albersoon talking to the guy for a while but dont think he got it.

cant remember the OTs name either sadly..

looked through some screenshots OT is YitanxTribal


probably quit hue

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