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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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9 minutes ago, Thenewkidz said:

Gracias, solo una pregunta más. ¿Por qué tanta gente tiene el Octillery? Y es difícil hacer un dulce aroma cuando se agota tan rápido.

Octillery is used so that those who use roar / whirlwind that prevents them from escaping thanks to their ability and if sweet scent runs out quickly uses a pp max

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28 minutes ago, Ichigo said:

So after a lot of encounters and continuous hunting I finally got another ot. I have been hunting really a year now on my alt and had over 100k for sure on it. On my main I spent about 8.7k leppas hunting duskull and boldore / axew. Finally smth showed up :'33



lter 503894832 encounters ofc a rare one is deserved. gratz lol @SecretDjinn get rekt no shiny haxo for u

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