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[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

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1 hour ago, Bilburt said:

?? poli's ability

Thats why I mentioned that I hope he had full heals?  Look at its HP and status

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12 hours ago, Munya said:

I hope you had full heals(does it blow up at that level?)

I had 2 wrath and used 1 revive and 1 momo milk xd. God bless damp, shiny koffing used selfdestruct 2 times ^^

Edited by Kaerodactyl

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Just now, Startear said:

it's lonely 

he need to find a decent smeargle impish + recover+ curse and ya shiny comp

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1 hour ago, RysPicz said:

WTT soul, legs, liver and kidney LF shiny omanyte pls respond

I'm giving an actual seashell for a shiny omanyte how good is that to resist ?

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It's always the randoms who get the good stuff meanwhile I breed for days and don't even get a shiny paras


gg you win 

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