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Which Starter Did You Pick?

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 I chose Charmander because he's just like me. Hot headed and rash. And besides, Would someone hate a dragon-species pokemon as a starter?

 I chose Mudkip because I taught alot would choose Torchic. It turns out that most people chose Treeko... I should have followed my heart and chose Torchic... Hahaha.... Lesson Learned...

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I chose Squirtle, but I traded it back when lv 25 starters were allowed to be traded. I traded it for a Dragonite and then I traded that Dragonite it for 3 starter evolutions (blastoise, venusaur, and zard), because I missed having my starter.



(edit: Forgot to add Hoenn): When I did my walkthrough for YouTube, I was the first person to tape the Hoenn Update and on the first day it was released. Anyways, my starter was Swampert for my Hoenn walk through:


(Goodie Bag hype)



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