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Team [Mr] : Best Showcase | Home of the Shiny Starters & OT Shinies

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On 03/04/2018 at 3:41 PM, SkyLolita said:




gayfriends with nab shinies

niec shinies, mi team es gud

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21 hours ago, FlareBlitzz said:

Anybody PM me list of new OTs

@JLxKaos is working on it, we're trying to collect info about everyone's  "new" ots but its been so long hard to remember who got what in what order. We'll get it sorted out soon.

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On 7/26/2015 at 9:18 PM, FlareBlitzz said:

How To Join? 


Copy and Paste this form with the required info, or PM an Officer or above in-game.
IGN: TrippyAfro 
Country: India
Age: 23
In-game Hours Played: 270
Classy level: 420 and beyond
Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Cool tag + nostalgia
Your Ex Team (If any):
Tons on my main, but none for Trippy.
Why are you no longer a part of that team:
Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade:
Hunt Piloswine till the day I die
What tier do you play:
Money Tier
Your Recommender:


Thanks team [Bong]

Even though I am already in, felt like this was necessary.

Now that MMO is available on android, I mostly play on it using my account TrippyAfro. Needed a home for it and what better place to be than the one with the coolest tag.

I have so many memories attached to this tag and the people I've known with it over the years, feels good to be rocking it, for reals this time. That's it. Peace.

Game on !

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10 minutes ago, Aldroc said:

So.. how am I supposed to join the in-game team?

Fill out this form

You can also try contacting me (IGN: TrippyAfro / Akshit) or any other member in-game too.

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