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Credits to Sammier for the Banner   Welcome to Team [Mr] TeamPage!       Millions of years ago, a huge earthquake in Sky Pillar caused the awakening of the legendary gree

Shiny Showcase                *Shiny Magby Adamant 28/31/30/29/31/31 *Shiny Aerodactyl Jolly 30/31/29/27/30/31 *Shiny Bulbasaur Cal

Accolades   Pre- [Mr]   Official     The Mixed Cup ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place edIRL [PVP]   Relay Race Medley ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Phatiman, Vorred, Inarin, ed

IGN: McTermi
Country: Germany
Age: 18 Years
In-game Hours Played: McTermi 80 hours, other Smurfs over 400 hours xD
Classy level: Very Classy and tolerant :D
Why do you want to be in Team Mr: Because I'm looking for an ACTIV, respectful and friendly Team, where I can grow up to a good Trader and comp. battleling. I mainly choosed this Team, because I heard many good reputitions about it and now I would like to try to get part of it :D.
Your Ex Team (If any): Only small Teams with some Friends^^
Why are you no longer a part of that team: (Co-) Leaders got inactive :/
Do you Battle/Breed/Shiny Trade: Shiny Trader (Shiny Golbat atm :3), Battle and Money farming with Payday ^^
What tier do you play: OU, but farming atm for a good Team
Your Recommender: Found by Myself ^^
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