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Credits to Sammier for the Banner   Welcome to Team [Mr] TeamPage!       Millions of years ago, a huge earthquake in Sky Pillar caused the awakening of the legendary gree

Shiny Showcase                *Shiny Magby Adamant 28/31/30/29/31/31 *Shiny Aerodactyl Jolly 30/31/29/27/30/31 *Shiny Bulbasaur Cal

Accolades   Pre- [Mr]   Official     The Mixed Cup ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place edIRL [PVP]   Relay Race Medley ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Phatiman, Vorred, Inarin, ed

Well I just wanna say when Greck made Mr....I never thought it would ever get more than 1 member and he would stay there forever,alone....waitin eternally in darkness,etc.
It just makes me feel gud seeing how this tag made it much more far away than I thought it would xP
GG guys !!! And also congrats to getting a new Shiny Growlith to your team....and really my prayers are with Reezy,and all them homies gettin banned back to back.
Greck pls give Greckasect....do it in the name of the success of your founded team

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