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[Story] A New Adventure

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This is it. This was the day Zorant was looking forward to for the past 5 years. He watched as his 2 brothers have gone out on their adventures. For both occasions, he got up early and watched as Kalen and Jary started their journeys.  Now, this was the day he was old enough to start his adventure.


He stood in front of his mirror. He was nervous as he fidgety adjusted his hair. He had slept at all that night. He spent the night trying to decide who his starter was going to be, but in the end, he couldn't make up his mind. Zorant would think about picking a Charmander, but then switch his mind to Squirtle, then his mind would float over to Bulbasaur. All three would be a great choice. 


"Gahh!" he groaned as he placed the final touches on his outfit. A simple red sleeveless shirt with black jeans and his sneakers. He will be walking alot, so he wanted to be comfortable.


"Are you coming or what?" Asked a voice behind him. 


Zorant saw it was Kalen in the mirror, and turned to face him. 


"I am nervous," he admitted as he sat on his bed.


Kalen entered his room and sat beside him.


"Both Jary and I were nervous when we started as well. It's normal," he counselled. 


"That's right," said the middle brother. He had walked into the room as well. "But once you start on your journey, you will have fun."


"Did you two already know which starter you wanted?" asked Zorant.


"I did," Kalen said. "I always knew I wanted Bulbasaur as my partner."


"I didn't," replied Jary with a chuckle. "It just happened. Actually, I think Charmander chose me instead."


"What if I can't decide?" wondered Zorant.


"You will know at the right time," Kalen said gently.


Zorant nodded and got up. He picked up his bag and was about to leave the room when he thought of something. 


"Why are you two here? I thought you were both in Hoenn, looking to conquer the Hoenn League?" He asked.


Both brothers came and put an arm around him.


"So we can be here for you. We want to see you off," they replied.


Zorant flashed them a grateful smile and all three siblings headed downstairs where their parents had breakfast ready.


"Are you ready Zo?" asked Alice.


"I am mom. Nervous, but ready," Zorant replied as he sat down and began to eat. 


"Have you decided on who you will choose?" Ben wanted to know.


"Still trying to decide Dad," Zorant answered in between bites.


Outside a Pidgey began to chirp, which signaled that Professor Oak was ready for the 3 new trainers. Zorant finished off his plate before getting up from the table. With a final look around the house, Zorant strapped on his backpack and headed outside. The sun was just raising. As Zorant walked through Pallet Town, he noticed another young boy standing outside his house. Zorant ignored him and sped up, his family trying to keep pace. Finally, he found himself in front of The Professor's Lab. With a nod to his family, Zorant walked up the steps and entered the building. He was greeted by an assistant.


"Hello Zorant," he smiled at the boy. "Right this way please. Professor Oak is waiting." 


He led him to the back of the lab, where the Professor was standing in the middle of the room. On the table, Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur were sitting and eating.


"Ah. Zorant. Welcome to my lab," Professor Oak said with a gentle smile. "A beautiful morning outside. A perfect way to start your journey. A journey with your Pokemon is an exciting time. You will meet alot of new people and Pokemon along the way. There will be many obstacles in the way, many paths to choose and many choices to be made. And it all starts with this decision. Zorant, who do you choose as your first Pokemon?"

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