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Blindman's Bluff (July 28th)

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32 Players
Unlimited Reserves
6v6 OU Tournament
Single Battle
Level 50

Secret bracket

Date + Time:
Date: Tuesday July 28th

Time: 5PM EDT | 9PM GMT

Registration will open 10 minutes prior to the tournament. To register post an IGN in this thread. You may only register one person per user. Edited posts will NOT be accepted as a valid registration.



Silph Co, Channel 7



Evasion / Sleep / Unique Species / OHKO / Self-KO / OP Item / Time
List of Clauses and what they mean


Banned moves : 


Baton Pass


List of banned Pokemon:

(Ban list is subject to change depending the tier council's decision)








1st Place Prize:


Shiny GIFT Slowbro w/ Hidden Power Electric

Your choice of nature with IVs HP 25 | ATK 24 | DEF 24 | SP.ATK 25 | SP.DEF 25 | SP 30 - Untradeable


1,000,000 Pokeyen


20,000 Battle Points


2nd Place Prize:

Runner Up's choice of

10,000 Battle Points


500 Reward Points


  • You may AFK timeout your opponent as soon as the button appears. This clause will not be in effect for the Semi Finals or Final round, where you will only be allowed to press it after the referee gives permission to do so.
  • Disconnecting during a match when result in a DQ.
  • Do not block the Staff running the Event. If you disregard requests for you to unblock staff members then you will be disqualified.
  • As soon as your match ends, you will be called to come back to the table. You have 10 minutes to do so. No time extensions will be given. The matchup will be announced after both players have returned.

Hosts: EggplantNoad

Refs: XelaKebertZehkar

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What does "secret bracket" mean?

It simply means the bracket won't be publically accessible. You won't know who your opponent is until the minute before you play.


Should decrease the time limit to come back to the table to say 10 minutes.

This idea was deemed good enough to warrant a petition for it to be brought up and dicussed by the Table-Calling Executive Board Members.

After a long struggle to gather unique 5,000 signatures, the idea was finally presented among a few others on a list of topics that should be discussed.

This idea was so good it overshadowed other ideas such as changing the HP combination, which in turn, never got discussed.

When the topic finally came to light in the hands of those with power, it took two days and two nights of heated arguments, until the topic exhausted itself in what seemed to resolve in a stalemate, a matter of opinion, as one solution was not objectively better than the other.

Finally, a referundum was proposed amongst the Members of the Table-Calling Executive Board, with each member only given one vote. A decision would go through if the vote could be won with an absolute majority, meaning, strictly more than half the votes.

The vote ended in favor of reducing the time to 10 minutes, with a landslide victory of two votes to zero.

Here is a written transcript of the two-day argument.


<01:05:07> "Eggplant": Can we agree on reducing the call time to 10 min after all
<01:05:14> "Noad": yeah ofc :)


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you really need to start using gmt +1 in summer time...


Edited by Rendiz

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