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The Pokemon Showdown Thread

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17 minutes ago, Havsha said:

Try rampardos.

Go! HUrts!! (Rampardos)!
[HUrts!!'s Mold Breaker!]
HUrts!! breaks the mold!
The opposing Celesteela used Leech Seed!
HUrts!! was seeded!
HUrts!!'s health is sapped by Leech Seed!

Turn 10

HUrts!! used Head Smash!
The opposing Celesteela lost 100% of its health!
HUrts!! is damaged by the recoil!
The opposing Celesteela fainted!
HUrts!! fainted!
Jimmy Powka has 135 seconds left.
Redfield Claire has 135 seconds left.
Redfield Claire: who


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>has mimikyu

>allows Goodra to die (goodra which would wall my Raikou, which he also saw)


Back on ladder



Weirdest Ninjask I've ever had. Really worth it to play those 27 turns just to see what it does





4f vs Daryl the highlights:






Same guy that allowed Goodra to die is getting embarrised

Edited by RysPicz
I embarris.

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14 minutes ago, MaatthewMLG said:

The Forfiter Pokemon Showdown Thread tbh

Welcome in my thread, take a seat and enjoy your stay

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