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The Pokemon Showdown Thread

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On 2/15/2017 at 10:12 PM, Spaintakula said:

Ikr, half the turns I was thinking to myself "I should've stuck with sdance kartana, scarf sucks vs stall"

I have the same problem with Scarfchomp vs SD

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4 hours ago, BurntZebra said:



@NikhilR grats on making it off the bench this week. make sure to rep pokemmo

Thanks man. 


The situation with my SPL team is that we need to win every match from now on out, in order to qualify for playoffs. So the manager decided to shuffle the old gens lineup, since that's where we've been underperforming, and slotted me in DPP. The usual starter, tamahome, is doing RBY. Funny thing is that the player I'm going to face is also my tutor, so classic tutor - tutee clash. 


I'm playing tomorrow 6 pm gmt, so I'll link here when I start. Idk if I can rep MMO, but I'll surely give you a shoutout if I win :)

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