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The Pokemon Showdown Thread

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12 hours ago, KaynineXL said:

Yo guys. So I played some VGC recently, just a team I snagged from smogon forums.


How'd I play it?


Why would you use detect in kartana instead of protect? You loose 8 pps

Also Leftovers Calm Mind/Dazzling Gleam/muddy water (or scald)/protect fini works better than z move one, bulkier against important threats, deals more dmg and helps against snarl arca/parting shot persian

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On 04.02.2017 at 3:43 AM, NikhilR said:

I see that Kimi has already signed up, but for those of you who'd like to get some DPP action outside of main server, just create an alt with "w4 'insert name' " and play on the smogtours simulator.


Host is lazy so didnt update the thread yet, sweet finished 8th and I finished 6th, and here the overall ranking if anyone is interested in qualifying for playoffs during the next 2 rounds:


Edited by Oltan

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2 minutes ago, RysPicz said:
toinha: caralho
toinha: buceta
toinha: porra


my favourite part

mine was when he said his bird would sweep and then dugtrio killed it

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2 hours ago, Robofiend said:

god he misplayed so bad so many times that was amazing

Ikr, half the turns I was thinking to myself "I should've stuck with sdance kartana, scarf sucks vs stall"

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