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[Denied] Milotic Method (A way it can be done)

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I found the Cure!


Hello everyone in the Pokemmo community, i think I have found a way to put the milotic evolution in-game.

It might sound a bit difficult but once you understand it, it will all make sense.


There are two ways i believe this should be done.


1: Prism Scale Method


I think it would be quite easy to import a prism scale item into Pokemmo, and just trade to evolve the Feebas into Milotic. However I have no idea how hard it is to import items, i think this would be an easy way to get your feebas to evolve. All we have to do is trade like we do with Scizor, Kingdra, and other pokemon that need to be traded.


2: Maximum Beauty


This way might be a little more complicated to do, since there is no beauty scale in Pokemmo. However i think i have found a way :D.

The Pokemmo should add a scale/bar in the back for beauty and other additional information that is not needed, so it can all even out. Kind of like the Happiness scale, we can make one for beauty, it would make sense to me. Or we can add a beauty contest system that works with only In-Game players vs Players, instead of NPC's. And the winner raises Feebas's beauty and can evolve by beauty and level. 


Mainly i'm saying, that adding a completely new scale of measurements would make sense, or adding a PVP beauty contest to raise beauty chances. And even easier we can just import a Prism Scale Into pokemmo and just trade Feebas. I think this would be a great way to evolve a Feebas. Thank you. I'm really hoping for Milotic in future updates.


milotic.gif Can't wait for Milotic

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Inb4 staff with links to the 5 billion other threads with these exact suggestions

But +1 again for the prism idea


Yes, i know it is a very common suggestion. But thank you for the 1+ on the Prism idea :D

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I think it's past time to implement the system to be able to evolve it ... They're studying it at 1 YEAR! Honestly, I'd rather not talk about what I think this administration ...

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Dead thread.

Anyways, it's been stated multiple times that Milotic will not be implemented sooner than contests.


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