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Pokemmo 'Daily Task' System



Pokemmo 'task' system this means is that the player is faced with a 'daily quest' which will be provided by certain NPCs which player will be asked to complete the task and get reward(such as pokeyen, shards, or other consume/vanity item)


How does this work?
Several new NPCs may be located in several places that will give additional tasks to the player to confirm the task(yes/no) it first. It is voluntary (not mandatory player to finish this quest )


What are the advantages and disadvantages?
1. Player facilitated in seeking pokeyen (Especially the player who is 'not productive' as new players etc.)
2. Facilitate player in the search for items that if some people 'do not want' to sell them, and quite hard to find (such as green and red shard shard)
3. Of course, the players will feel challenged to be excited to play that indirectly they will think "Oh yes, I have not completed the daily quest for today. Maybe I have to login pokemmo for this moment"
The disadvantage:
1. Some players will surely be disappointed because the system is a new player can be led easily earning.
2. This system allows multiple players are not compelled to mutual trade between players as they can get what they are looking for with this system.
1. Item as Reward NPC is not too excessive (eg restricted PokeYen limited to $ 10,000 and each one shards)
2. Some existing Quest requirements (such as the need to complete the Main Quest)
1. Daily Quest 'Hunting Pokemons'
The players are directed against a number of specified pokemon (like 'Hunt 10 Jumpeons! 0/10, then report to the NPC which gives the task and get the reward).
2. Daily Quest 'Chatching Pokemons'
The players are required to capture pokemon specified NPC and give it to the NPC and get a reward.
3. Daily Quest 'Hunt Held Item Pokemons'
The players are required to obtain any held items owned by a pokemon and give it to the NPC.
4 Daily Quest 'Sweep fcking e4'
The players are faced to eradicate trainers on e4 and melaporkannnya to the NPC.
5 Daily Quest 'Breed Pokemon'
The players are required to breed a certain pokemon and report to the NPC.
Ths is only suggestion so anyone can argue and express their opinions. Supports? or Reject? It's up to you.
Okay done bye. I hope its gonna to be implemented cuz im bored or bye pokemmo.

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Actually I think this is a good idea it'll make the game a little bit funnier since we lack of things like this, battle frontier is a funnier way to get BP than the pokemon tower of kanto so this could be a funnier and easier way to grind for money or shards, etc than the current ways, just saying

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10/10, I'm losing interest in the game already.  It just doesn't have enough substance for me it feels like,  since I've done everything I can do in the game world and all that's left is to start trying to be competitive and shiz which requires ungodly amounts of money to breed and/or buy (though I'm not interested in buying pokemon, preferring to raise them for some semblance of feeling that I'm actually a pokemon trainer and not a business entity.)  To which it feels like old players, particularly before the breeding change it seems,  have a great advantage to making it feel hard to break into.   (The heavy grind to get to gameplay that other multiplayer services let you slide into immediately is rather ridiculous...  The grind should exist,  but it's absurd right now,  it feels.)


It's just not particularly fun and it's not exactly engaging.   Stuff like this is what will keep the game feeling more alive and fresh for people of a similar mindset or status.   Otherwise it kind of feels like the thing to do is fade away and wait until a new region gets released.  Though it kinda seems like most johto pokemon can be caught already so that'd be a little less impactful, but still a new area to explore.





Daily Quests can be a really easy way to implement new items and pokemon,  granting things such as Reaper Cloth,  Electrolizer, or even eggs and so on as daily quest rewards as the game updates every so often to include new pokemon from other generations.   

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Pretty nice idea.

I'd enjoy grinding while not doing the same things over and over everyday. This is a very creative way of obtaining Pokeyen and items.

So +1

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it would be nice to catch a Jumpeon *-*

oh, wait. 

now seriously, this should be implemented in fact, the devs already did some changes to make this game more MMO - like the new breeding system- so this is another of the ways to do it.

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I'd totally be up for this. A lot of hours on PokeMMO are spent aimlessly grinding or farming; so why not turn both into something productive?


The GPX has its own version of this; in the latter half of every even month, you're asked once a day to complete some simple task. Whether this is find a rare trinket (GPX thing, I can explain if needed), hatch a pokemon with a specific nature, or raise a Yellow Fighting-type to Lv72 before the day's up, that was your task for the day. Everyone was to receive the same task, and those who completed said task would be rewarded with Prize Points (the GPX's answer to Reward Points) at the start of the next month, based on how many tasks they completed. While this does seem like a tangent, I am relating it back, because the GPX is an online community not dissimilar to the PokeMMO one, and it's been proven to work well.


Which brings me to another minor point; could Reward Points also be a possible prize for completing these daily tasks? Only a small amount (say, 100 points at a time or something?), but this would stop people complaining about not having enough PC space, because given enough time and farming, they'd be able to get their PC expanded themselves, without spending money they potentially can't afford.

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