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[Battle Frontier] Higher BP Payout on Battle Factory


I will compare the Battle Factory (BF) with the Battle Tower (BT) here.


So why would the BF need a higher payout, why is that even justified? There are three major differences between BF and BT:


RNG affects BF more than BT:

First of all the RNG already starts with the team you get. In BT you can pick your own team and pick your own items and their movesets. You can cover each weakness pretty well with 3 Pokémon, in BF you have to get lucky to get remotely useable Pokémon in the first rounds. I found it extremely hard to get passed a 7-14 win streak and I'm pretty much a BF expert (played it a lot on Emerald).


Not only that but your opponents usually have stronger Pokémon than you and they of course have favorable RNG. You can work around favorable RNG on the BT with items like Lum Berry on the Pokémon you need it on or running faster Pokémon in general.


BF matches take longer on average than BT:

In BT you will most likely have a DD sweeper or a fast SD sweeper or even a Curselax to decide matches quickly, especially in the early rounds you can sweep through opponent with 1 DD. You clear through 7 matches in no time. But in BF you do not get these kind of Pokémon and even if you do they generally have a very bad moveset. Even worse you often get low base power moves on Pokémon in BF. It's also way safer to go with some bulkier Pokémon in BF because it is so RNG heavy. You'll be switching in BF a lot more than in BT too and this all makes matches at least two to three times longer than in BT.


Win streaks are extremely hard to obtain and maintain in BF compared to BT:

Win streaks (the way you get higher BP payouts) are very easy to get on BT. You are pretty much guaranteed to get passed the first 28 battles if you don't fuck up or bring shitty Pokémon. So you advance while you get higher BP payouts AND you have faster battles than BF. In BF you often lose in the first 7 and it's even more unlikely to get through 14 battles. In BT you are guaranteed BP while in BF you aren't guaranteed shit, oh wait you are guaranteed to get haxed.


All in all BF is a way more challenging and harder format than BT and this justifies it having a higher BP payout. It's really discouraging if you lose like 3 times the first 7 battles and get no BP while you know you could've been on a 28 streak in BT already. Of course, you can say 'well BF is more for 'fun' if you want BP go do BT'. But isn't FUN what we want to reward here? BT is fun too but if it gets stale I want to switch to something like BF without getting extremely punished by much lower BP payouts. If we are going to be extremely discouraged playing BF why the fuck is it there anyway.


I think the BP payouts on BF should atleast be doubled to make it remotely comparable to doing BT. If you want more evidence on how hard BF is compared to BT and how fucking much potential BP you are losing by doing BF then look at the ranking halls on the PTS.


edit: would almost say triple the payouts jeez




29 people had a 7 streak or higher in BT lvl 100 Singles

9 people had a 7 streak or higher in BF lvl 100 Singles

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