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[MOD][IPS] The Other Moemon Ports (IT LIVES! All Gen 3/MMO Compatible! 527/649 Pokemon Moe-ized!)

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I have encountered this whilst playing the MMO version (notice the cut off part of my charmander)

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Hi, is my first post here. I do got a problem with the patch for emerald. Graphics looks all glitchy most of them for some reason like the bag sprite for example. I think I do have a clean emerald room but i don't what is the problem. The DPP split works fine on emerald however

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I haven't been here in ages, so I probably missed a lot.

A quick scan of this thread reveals a few people with graphical glitches, but nothing major.

However, after applying this patch to the same clean ROM I patched in Jan 2016, it broke quite a few pokedex entries and caused some visual bag glitches.

See attached Imgur album for screenshots:




Edit: using Hash Calc (an android checksum utility) I confirmed my Emerald version has the correct SHA-256 and SHA-1 hashes

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On 4/22/2018 at 1:01 AM, OtherPlayers said:

IT LIVES!! After much delay due to real life and some procrastination I've finally got a version I'm happy with put together. That sad news is, of course, that for the moment I've had to drop the Sigma Emerald version of the patch. I'll be looking into potentially restoring it sometime in the future, but no promises. I've also fixed it up for the MMO to be functional again, as well as found a large number of placeholder moemon that were scattered around the web for the Gen 4/5 that I've included. As always though, I'd much prefer to use moemon created right here, so if you want to see more of those than head on over to the Mega Moemon project and offer your aid (it's really not as hard as it seems).


I'll try to keep an eye on this a bit more closely at least in the immediate future in case you guys catch any errors; my pokedex on the MMO is lacking in particular, so I couldn't actually verify a fairly significant part of the modfile for that, so I'd love to hear that everything is working correctly (or what isn't).


Also by demand I've included hashcodes for the proper ROM's that you should be using for the patch, so if you are of the mind to you should be able to double-check that you have the proper one if something is breaking.

 Really sad to see you dropping support for Sigma Emerald :( I was hoping for an update to version 1.913

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33 minutes ago, BlazingThunder1 said:

hey is it normal for the pokedex entries not to be there and only show an x

See my previous post, my hashes are a perfect match to the ones in the file and I have the same issue

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