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[PSL] PokeMMO Super League Season 3 - Week 5

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haazuu vs me right now   after a dc i got ( as usual) haazuu offered me a rematch with same condition, i just wanna notice his friendship and spormantship, i appreciated it   i won after this  

me vs walpayer 5min   edit: i won

Shit Name Inc. (1) vs (0) The Heroes of Light
OU1: SpartacusGD vs xXeitoXx
OU2: Zarr vs Baraccus
UU1: DestructX vs Mikrospaixths
UU2: FABBROoo vs Kazooka
Doubles: UncleGYP vs Haazuu
ADV OU: Barrage vs Linken
DPP OU: Robofiend vs NightLucifer
VGC 2015: imabetheverybest (0) vs (2) OldKeith


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So you wanna tell me Schuchty is good? ._.
This is his first win.

Gj Schuchty!


 Well he already won official tournaments (i think like 3, two TTs and 1 individual (tier shift)). Did you ?

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