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[PSL] PokeMMO Super League Season 3 - Week 5

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haazuu vs me right now   after a dc i got ( as usual) haazuu offered me a rematch with same condition, i just wanna notice his friendship and spormantship, i appreciated it   i won after this  

me vs walpayer 5min   edit: i won

Game 1: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/battlespotdoublesvgc2015-238722166

Game 2: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/battlespotdoublesvgc2015-238723599


We will play the last game afterwards. The lag in game 2 was the most bs thing i have ever experienced, and I have no idea why. Too many people in chat?

Maybe you can try playing here next to see if it's less:



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I'm available to battle from now till 6.30pm gmt. (with exception of dinner around 4.30 gmt).

Just reply your prefered time Frexa.

It's 8am for him right now so I don't know when he'll be on.

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Spheal Team 6 (2) vs (6) The Narcicistic Nidokings

OU1: DrCraig vs yangsam

OU2: Glumac vs BlueBreath

UU1: Kizhaz vs OVERtOASTED

UU2: Frags vs walpayer

Doubles: fredrichnietze vs PinkWings

ADV OU: Frexa vs LeTyrone

DPP OU: ThinkNice vs JIce

VGC 2015: Telf vs PandaJJ



this guy

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