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[crazy idea] Enchantment stones for cosmetics


So this idea was stolen derived from the April fools post Kyu posted. He mentioned something about cosmetics having secondary effects or something. I actually think if implemented right this idea could be an improvement for the game. Why? Well one reason is grinding is awful, no matter what the grind is. But lets face it this is an mmo so the grind will always be there. But what if we had stones that we can be used to enchant our cosmetics that added effects that could make some of these grinds more bearable. And enchantments don’t have to be limited to just helping ease the burden of grinding either. There are all kinds of things you can do with this.
Examples of possible enchantments
• Increase Item hold rate
• Increase rare pokemon encounter rate
• Increase shiny encounter rate (stackable with donor status)
• Increase trainer payout (stackable with amulet coin)
• Increase payday payout
• Increase physical damage done (use in PVE only)
• Increase special damage done (use in PVE only)
• Decrease physical damage done to you (use in PVE only)
• Decrease special damage done to you (use in PVE only)
• Increase all pokemon speed (Use in PVE only)
• Increase all pokemon HP (Use I PVE only)
• Increase crit chace (Use in PVE only)
• Increase chance of secondary effect for moves (Use in pve only)
• Decrease crit chance on you (use in PVE only)
• Decrease secondary effects against you (use in PVE only)
• Increase EV yield
• Increase EXP yield
• Increase chance of encountering pokemon of X nature (all natures apply not stackable with IV enchanment)
• Increase chances of encountering pokemon with higher IVs (not stackable with nature enchantment)
• Lower egg hatching time
• Lower pokemon reproducing time (the amount of time it takes to get an egg)
• All eggs acquired will be male (with the exception of all female poke, ditto or genderless pokes not stackable with all female enchantment)
• All eggs acquired will be female (with the exception of all male pokes, ditto, or genderless pokes not stackable with all male enchantment)
• Increase chance in baby pokemon inheriting the higher IV
• Moves of all party memebers will be increased
• Pokemon heal X% of max hp after battle
• Pokemon heal X% of max pp will be restored after battle
• Repel effect
• Fly without pokemon
• Surf without pokemon
• Dive without pokemon
• Waterfall without pokemon
• Dig without pokemon
• Strength without pokemon
• Rock smash without pokemon
• Flash without pokemon
• Insert missing TM HM outside world effect here without pokemon
Now I know that that is a lot of possible enchantments and not all of them may be all tha good, useful, and blah blah blah. But it does go to show you how much can be done with this idea. And I think its important to note that none of these things are necessary to do well in the game but are all just convince items. That is the basics of my suggestion I will put details on how I would go about implementing this in the spoiler below. It is not necessary to read as it will be a lot of text but there will be a bolded part which I think is important to this suggestion so please at least find and read that part.
How I would implement this idea

Where do you get these stones?

If the entirety, or at least the majority, of my list of possible enchantments were to be implanted some of the less useful stones (such as flash without pokemon and increase chance a secondary effect will happen) can be sold in the market. Then as you go up in tiers in usefulness they can be harder to obtain. Some can be sold in the TT, and some can be sold using any other form of currency (pvp points, what ever we get for the other things like the TT that are implemented in the future). But I believe all of them should have a chance to be found on pokemon.

With the new breeding system we are constantly catching pokemon. With EV training we are constantly killing pokemon. So why not reward us with a chance of getting a lil something extra from these activities. Ofc rarer pokemon will hold the rarer stones (such as shiny exsistance or increase IV on wild encounter stones) and the commons can hold common stones. You can even implement a system of shards where it takes x amount of y stone shards to make Y stone. This would allow some commons (since they are the ones who are most hunted), to at least hold a portion of a rarer stone. I would make killing a poke have a chance of dropping the item, but also let it have a chance of breaking the item, where when catching if the poke was holding the item and you catch it then its urs.

You have the stone now what?

Enchant your cosmetic with it. This can be implemented in a number of ways. It can be done by npc as a money sink, it can be done with a chance of failing (paying more decreases this chance), it can even be a skill obtained in the game (not to fond of this one but it can work). Once you enchant the cosmetic every time you wear it you get the effects. Also


This is the important part mentioned earlier

All enchanted items gain durability
That’s right with use enchanted items will eventually break. Why? Well as we saw with pokemon not having durability will eventually cause the market to be flooded with them. And as you see with all other items in this game once someone has enough of X item he no longer needs it anymore.

Durability can be measured in a number of ways depending on the enchantment. Something like repel effect can be measured in steps (a large number of steps) or time worn before it breaks. Where something like all physical damage your pokemon deals can be measured in number of battles entered while wearing the enchantment. Then you got stuff that can change the tides of the market like the shiny encounter rate which can be measured in how long the item has been enchanted with this enchantment (so from the day you enchant your item the clock is ticking whether you wear it or not). This will keep the rare enchantments rare and make sure there is always demand for these items.

If I were making this system I would also give each item different levels of durability. So something like the ball cap bought from the market will have less durability than the labcoat. For example lets say I had the enchantment stone that give all of my pokemon an increase chance to crit my opponent and that durability was measured in how many battles I enter with that enchantment equipped to me. I have a ball cap which can has 20 durability and a labcoat which has 100 durability. So with this enchantment I will have 20 uses if I put it on a ball cap and 100 if I put it on a labcoat. (the numbers are just for the sake of example)

Then I would make it to where each enchantment take different tolls on the item. The increase physical attacks of all pokemon can arguably be considered better than the increase crit rate enchantmet. So maybe that takes 2 durability points away with each use. So the above ball cap will only be able to be used 10 times and the labcoat 50. Then you have things that in order to be worth using you need to be able to use for long periods of time. Something like repel which would prolly need to only take a fraction of a durability point in order to be worth using ove repels.

Repairing items can be a thing too. Ofc you cant let people repair their items all the time otherwise theres no point in adding durability. So I thought if this was implanted there would be a chance to fail and each time you repair an item the chances of failing increases. This can also be a skill that can be impleneted if the devs decided to go that rout.

Enchantment levels can also be implanted with this idea. By combining two Increase physical atks damage stones (with a chance of failing and losing both) you get a level two stone that increases damage even more. The higher the level the enchantment the more durability it takes forcing people to get higher tier cosmetics for higher level enchantments. Maybe the pp max enchantment can be Lvl one all pokemon in your party has the equivalent of a pp up to all their moves and at level two all pokemon have the equivalent of a pp max in all of their moves. Repel effect can be at level one where you still encounter some pokemon and at higher levels the chances of encountering troll pokemon decrease until its at 0, or it can just take less durability away from the item. There is all kinds of things that can be done with this idea. [/spoiler]

That was a lot of typing. Now I realize that this idea is kind of out there. It may be too much work or even impossible to implement. But if it was possible and implemented I think it can benefit the game greatly. First of all it lessens all forms of grind in this game and makes some forms of grinding more rewarding. It also gives people something else to trade and creates a market for something else other than comps and comp related items. It can create a whole new meta, one where these items are allowed to be used. It also can encourage donations for cosmetics wich, while it can be argued makes the game more pay to win, is ultimately a good thing because the more donations that the devs see the more progress this game will see. But most importantly it can give the game more of the MMO aspect without having to punish PVP. Again I realize the chances of this being a thing that happens in mmo are low, may even be impossible, and certainly wouldn’t happen anytime soon. But since Kyu made a joke about it maybe this is something that they have already been thinking about ;)

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