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[GUI] Shiny Umbreon

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Login Screen




Main HUD




PC Box









Installation and Use Instructions

  •     Download .zip file here
  •     Open using 7zip or other extraction tool
  •     Extract all contents to the themes folder
    •     The themes folder is within the PokeMMO folder within the data folder.
  •     To use go to Settings and set the theme to Shiny Umbreon

As always, feel free to post your feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Like what you see? My other themes are posted below.


Other GUI Edits



Pikachu & Family



Shiny Charizard

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Login Screen   Main HUD   PC Box   BattleHUD     Installation and Use Instructions     Download .zip file here     Open using 7zip or

its just a small  shiny umbreon  

At the top of the post I have already stated that there is no link due to it being outdated. When I get a chance I will update this them. Until then the link is gone as the current version will crash

Nice GUI's you make Xela i wander if you can make 1 if mega shiny Garchomp <3 i would love you xd


I'll use this umbreon GUI untill i see 1 from Garchomp i will change

Edited by GarchompShiny
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New report about it: it's definitely awesome, but needs some fixing, with the new update, some things just don't fit... T.T I love it, but I need to ask you to update it to the new client look, plz :C

I am well aware of this. As I have made a dozen or so themes they all need updated. For the time being please discontinue use of these themes.

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help pls can't download D:

That would be due to me removing the link to prevent use while it is outdated otherwise your client will crash in some instances and in others will not have the same functionality as the default theme.
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