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[Implemented]Egg Moves Imprinted on Pokemon

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I don't know if this has been suggested but it seems to be an option I really want.


At the moment egg moves cannot be learned via a tutor of any kind.


I understand why this is due to the fact that we need breeding to be like this for balancing.


The problem is if you want to test a different move set on your pokemon deleting an egg move is a gamble most do not do.


My suggestion is that if a pokemon has known an egg move at birth that it can relearn it with the heartscale/mushroom tutor


and pokemon that didn't know the egg move at birth cannot. If you want more balancing you could reset this option if the pokemon is


traded and only the egg moves it know when traded can be relearned.Therefore one would have to relearn egg moves before





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This seems really nice, since the breeding process at the moment is pretty unforgiving and it can be lots & lots of time to just try things out, the problem I see with it is that this may be very, very hard to actually do, with every move needing its own individual marker that would attach to the pokemon when it came out of the daycare only if those moves were on its list of possible egg moves, & all the  egg moves for every pokemon being coded into the move tutor too. 

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