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[Poem] Contrition

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They say the only time you crave for fruits

Is when the trees meet their end.


They say the only time you complain of your money

Is when you no longer have any to spend.


They say the only time you wish for your youth

Is when it passes, ending, without avail.


They say the only time you wish for you wish for another chance

Is when you lose your last, the result, but an empty fail.


They say the only time you wish for the moon

Is when you find you've counted the stars too soon. 


Do you permit your contrition

To take over you, amidst your confusion?


Do you give in to your remorse

And lose the winning play in your court?


Do you succumb to your sorrow

Giving up what is to come tomorrow?


Do you allow yourself to rue

And bid all else with but a simple adieu?


You find a flower, but lose it's fragrance.

"Regret", you subtly utter;

Yet at a time it became your happy substance

Why render it asunder? 


What stays in your reminiscence 

Will be your growing essence.

The seven coloured bridge in a salubrious sky

It needed the rain, that ruined your dry


And to your qualms that bother you so

To contrite is to ruin; learn, and let them go. 

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