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[Sig] fred (pls read op) changed da rules taking request

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pay what you want after you see it. if you honestly think it's shit dont pay, but dont be that guy who says it's shit and doesnt pay and then uses it. i have a nice scanner now i never use and im bored so saving up monies for psl donations

no means no and dont ask again (unless i was fucking joking)

dont ask for anything involving editing on computers unless i REALLY like you.


also also can colorize with this thing https://paintschainer.preferred.tech/index_en.html which is a skill i currently lack








im less busy now so hurray. 

Edited by fredrichnietze

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I'm the third costumer e,e make me one "Cyrus" just put that in the signature.

if you arent year + old on forums go away
if i dont like you go away

Make me one pls "Bishav"

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